Imagines with One Direction

Just send me any info you want in your story. These I know ill need..
*Boy you want
*Eye Color
Thanks loves <3


3. Niall for Abi: Debut Album

It was time. Me and my friends had cracked the music industry. We have a band, Triple Threat, and we have released our first album. We hit 1 thousand views and we exploded from there. Today was our first CD signing, in Dublin. We all sit and the "VIP" people come first. Some girls, obviously with rich parents, come up and we sign everything. Next was a boy with a hoodie. He walked straight behind the table and nobody stopped him, I was kind of scared. He pulled off his hood and...OMG! It was Niall Horan!! " Hello love. Can you sign the CD?" Wow, Niall Horan was a fan of my band? I sign the CD, smiling so big that it hurt. " Oh yes, and Maddie? Would you mind putting your number down? Is that okay?" "Oh, of course Niall." I wrote my cell down. "Thanks!!" He smiled and was escorted out. The rest of the signing was a blur. We were done after 3 hours and I went back to my hotel room. My cell phone rings after I sit dowm in front of the TV.

Hey, maybe can we hang out sometime ;) Xx -Niall

Coffee, with Niall Horan, my teen crush.

Anytime Nialler Xx



For my bff, Abi :)

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