A Love Like Never Before

This is a One Direction fanfiction :)


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

We were standing outside the hotel waiting in a long line just to get inside, being the sister of Harry Styles has that effect sometimes though.

"Hey Jessica, over here!" I heard one of my best friends yell to me from a door off to the side.

"Abbey quiet are you crazy people can't know I'm out here, they know who my brother is, remember?! And you should because your brother is in the same band, you remember your brother Louis right?!" I whispered yelled at her.

"I know, but it's hilarious when you get all worked up!" She busted out laughing as we walked inside, and soon I joined in on her laughter.

We finally got around all the screaming girls without being recongnised and made it up to our room that we were sharing; which was also attached to the boys room.

"Hey want to go talk to the guys?" Abbey asked me.

"You just want to go see my brother," I smile at her.

"Maybe just a little bit," she said then all of the sudden our door opened.

"Are you talking about me again?" My brother asks as me walks into the room, "I know I'm awesome little sis but you don't have to talk about me 24/7."

"You're hilarious," I frowned at him, then I looked at Abbey as I said to him, "and we weren't saying anything bad about you so don't worry about it."

Abbey looked at me and mouthed thank you.

"When did 17 year olds become so mean?" Harry asked as he smiled at me.

"Hey guys come look at this," Louis said from the other side of the room; I just now noticed that he had even come in the room since I was arguing with my brother as always.

We all walked over to the window to look out and seen the whole street filled with screaming fans. We all laughed as the boys opened the window and all the girls started screaming louder as they waved down at them. I turned around at the same time Louis did and we were just inches from each other, we just stood there staring into each others eyes. Everyone knew I had a crush on him. All of the guys did too, even Louis. My brother said that Louis told him he likes me too, but he has a girlfriend so he doesn't really know what to do.

"You guys ever going to move and stop staring at each other?" Asked Louis' girlfriend, Celeste, as she came into the room too, looking very angry.

We backed away from each other and I looked at the ground as he walked over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Um, hey Abbs want to go downstairs and see if we can find any cute boys?" I asked her, as I seen Louis' head snap up and look directly at me with a look of hurt in his eyes; but I just ignored him and waited for Abbey's response. I mean he had no right to be mad, right? He has a girlfriend and if he really liked me he'd want to be with me instead, right? He's so confusing...

"Yeah, sure let's go." She smiled at me, I also saw my brother's head look at her. I knew about his crush but she didn't and vise versa. I really wish I could tell them so he would just get up the never to ask her out already.

Me and Abbey walked out the door and started to walk downstairs, as we got about halfway there we ran into a bunch of our friends: Hannah, Lillian, Laya, Chloe, Jillian, and Lauren. Lillian and Laya are twins and are always together. Laya is dating my brother, Harry, she has long brown hair and blue eyes. Her sister, Lillian, is identical. Lauren is dating Niall, they have been dating for so long; she had short blonde hair and brown hair. Lillian is dating Zayn. Hannah is dating Liam, she has long black hair and sea green eyes. The rest of us are single.

"Hey guys where are you headed?" Asked Hannah.

"Just headed to see if we can find some cute guys, so in other words she's making my brother jealous and I'm making Louis jealous, what about y'all?" I asked as we laughed.

"We were headed up to see y'all and the guys and to unpack in our room." Lauren said.

"Oh okay, we'll just see y'all later then." Abbey smiled at them.

"See y'all at the concert tonight." Chloe said.

*That night at the concert*

All the girls were screaming their heads off as they were watching the guys perform. Abbey and I were sitting back and watching them perform; I see all of the concerts and so does Abbey unlike the other girls who only get to go to a few of them. Right now they were singing They Don't Understand Us. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of Louis the whole time. It felt like he was singing it to me. I could see Celeste getting mad every few minutes though, because every few seconds he would look over at the side-lines at me instead of her. I would give him a small smile. Then I couldn't take it, I got up and started walking towards the dressing rooms for some reason I just felt like crying my eyes out. I went into my brother's dressing room and sat on the couch and started crying. Abbey walked in right after me and didn't say a word and just wrapped her arms around me.

"Hey, what's wrong?" My brother asked as he rushed over to me after the concert ended and he came back into his dressing room.

"Nothing." I sobbed into Abbey's shoulder.

"That doesn't look like nothing," he said as he sat beside me, "come here."

I leaned over on my brother and started crying all over again. I felt so stupid for crying, he's just a boy!!

"Why is she crying Abbs?" He asked Abbey.

She looked at me and then said, "Louis, she really likes him, and she knows he likes her, but she feels like he really wants to be with his girlfriend and that he's just playing with her feelings."

"Thanks a lot Abbs," I said softly as I finally stopped crying.

"He deserved to know," she said.

"I know for sure he likes you sis," Harry said.

"Really, then why is he with that gold-digger? And you know she is so don't even try to deny it." I said angerily.

"Who's with a gold-digger?" asked Louis as he walked in. I just walked out because I couldn't face him or I would cry again, and I heard him say, "What's wrong with Jessie?"

*Sorry it's kind of short will be longer next time I promise :) Let me know what you think please.*

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