One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


50. Niall Horan (Trinity)

You’re finally asleep and he sneaks onto your laptop to checkout what you really do in your spare time.* “One Direction Fan fiction? Is my Princess serious? Instead of hanging out with THE Niall, she’s reading this???” *He continues to scroll down and finds ‘Niall smut.’ “Ohhh, someone is naughty.” *looking over his shoulder he smirks at your sleeping form and he chuckles. “Now, let me see what’s so interesting…” *2 hours later* “What the fuck! I can’t believe she ends up with Harry! Harry of all people!! Ugh, ruin my night, what’s there to eat?” Stupid… once you heard all the yelling you woke up and saw what NIALL was mad about you started to laugh at your boyfriend and how ridiculous he was being .
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