One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


118. Niall Horan ( Ines)

Niall: Everything is spinning as you stumble behind Niall out of the nightclub and onto the sidewalk. He laughs loudly as he grips your hand, lifting you up into the black van before pushing you into the backseat. The boys file in behind you, filling up the seats ahead of yours as Paul takes his seat behind the wheel. You’re not even at your first red light before you notice the boys nodding off against the windows or each other. Even Liam has passed out in the front seat, exhausted from a night of trying to take care of four drunk boys and their dates. The girl Zayn plans to bring home with him is a hot mess, passed out against the back of Paul’s seat. The entire cab is silent; except for you quiet drunken conversation with Niall. “Come on babe” he mumbles against your ear, nipping at the skin of your neck while sliding the hem of your dress up against your thighs. You giggle softly as you slap his hand away, motioning to Paul in the front seat and Niall just shakes his head. “We can be quiet” he promises drunkenly, leaning forward until you’re laying against the bench seat. Even in your drunken state, you’re nervous because one of the boys could wake up at any minute but as Niall pulls your panties down your legs you find that you could care less. He shifts back so you can undo his jeans and push them over his ass before he’s pressing your legs around his hips and slamming into you. You let out a strangled gasp against his lips that he rushes to cover with his palm, chuckling against your neck. “You gotta be quiet babe” he reminds you, rocking into you hurriedly as Paul drives through London. You hear music in the background as Niall continues thrusting into you, hips bucking as he nears his climax. You gasp into one another’s mouths, digging your nails into his covered back as you climax. He’s helping you out of the car when you look up into the blank face of Paul as he gives you a pointed look. “Next time, wait until you’re home Niall… you’re not as quiet as you think” he tells the two of you, helping Liam to drag the drunken members of your crew into the house.

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