One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


54. Niall Horan ( Husna)

you walked in on your boyfriend of 2 years cheating on you. Considering you lived with him, you didn’t know where to go, so you just drove until you stopped. Your stop was Nialls house. You lifelessly dragged yourself up the stairs and knocked on the door. You looked at the reflection in your phone to see your mascara down your face, your hair a mess, and you looking as red as a tomato. “oh my god! Husna what is going on? Come in! Did someone beat your or something?” Niall asked worriedly. You stepped in and muttered out a few words, which shocked you. How did you get anything out? “he…w-w-ith….a a and…th th then..” you just broke down. Niall was fuming. You didn’t even care that the rest of the boys were there, you had all of their full attention. “THAT LITTLE FUCKING BASTARD! I NEW YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TRUSTED THAT CUNT! IM GOING TO FUCKING FIND THAT BITCH AND SEND HIM TO HELL WHERE THAT MOTHERFUCKER BELONGS! NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE HURTS MY PRINCESS!” Niall yelled. Liam tried to calm him down. Niall just held you and rocked you back and forth on his bed as he cried into his chest. “Husna I love you so much, I’m sorry that he hurt you but I never will and that’s a promise, you deserve so much better than him. And I can be so much better than him. I’ll never hurt you. I’ve always loved you and I can’t imagine anyone else holding you but me. It killed me to see you with that cunt and now this happens, to think that I could’ve prevented this from happening of I just told you in the first place, but know I am, so husna, will you be my girlfriend?” Niall asked. “you looked him straight in the eyes and said “yes Niall. Yes.” and hugged him tight. “now let’s clean you up and get some new clothes. I’ll call the bastard and get all your stuff tomorrow and bring it here. Okay?” Niall asked. “yeah sure and Niall, I love you too.”
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