One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


30. Niall Horan ( Andrea)

I was all dressed for my older brother birthday party. In case you’re just wondering my brother is Harry Styles. Yes, I know the famous guy in the most famous boy band in our generation. I knew all of the boys but didn’t really formally meet. If you mean by chatting with them on skype is a formal meeting then yes I did meet them. Anyways I was all dolled up for my brother birthday bash! I was excited all day and jumpy because I could finally see the “boys” in person!

Someone was knocking at the door, guess it’s our first guest! I ran to the door and when I opened it was Niall Horan! He is even more perfect in person then in a webcame.

“Hey Andrea!” said Niall. When he said my name was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

“ Hi Niall! Come on in” I welcomed him and after a few minutes ever y guest were here. Everyone danced, ate, talked. In fact it was a normal party nothing special, except their famous people but they are people just like us.

Harry gathered everyone to the living room and proposed we play a game of 7 minutes in heaven. Everyone agreed but I was a bit nervous about this idea. So then each guy placed a little object in the huge hat, after it was done the girls would pick one and see who will they go with in the closet.

“ Ok who goes first?” said Zayn impatiently.

Every single girl in the room raised their hand except for me and Harry wanted me to go first just because I didn’t want to. As he put the hat in front of me I was looking around and found Niall looking at me intensely. I took out a fish pillow named Jerry.

“ Who’s is this?” I said while raising the item in the air. I turned my hand left to right, when someone patted my shoulder. It was Niall, Niall freaking James Horan! Oh My God!

“ Let’s go” he said

Still in shock I just nodded and there we went in the closet.

We were just sitting there doing nothing or at least I wasn’t. Niall was sitting in the corner rocking himself.

“ Are you ok?” I asked

“ No I’m not I’m claustrophobic” He said while breathing heavily.

I try to talk to him, comforted him but nothing seems to work. So I try to sing to him. I actually didn’t think it would work but surprisingly it did well kinda. He fell asleep on my shoulder. He is just too cute and his accent to die for!

I heard some mumbling, it was Niall. He was sleep talking.

“ Andrea… gorgeous….I love you” said Niall

Did Niall just said he loved me?

“ I love you too and always have” I whispered and kissed his forhead

Just then the closet door where yanked open by Louis.

“ SUPERMAN!” screamed Louis.

I laugh and Niall woke up intertwining his fingers with mine.

This little not so spacious place was the most romantic place to me…
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