One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


120. Louis Tomlinson ( Layla)

LOUIS! I LOVE YOU!" "LOUIS OVER HERE!" You and Louis were out on a date when fans swarmed you two, asking for pictures and autographs. Louis was hesitant, but you assured him it was okay, considering there were exactly 8 girls. "Layla, can you take a picture?" One of the girls asked you, and you happily nodded, taking her phone. You took the picture and handed the phone back to the girl who was shaking from excitement. Louis then signed a few things, when you thought it would be funny to make silly faces behind him. You stuck your tongue out at him, pulled the ol' bunny ears bit, put up a peace sign and pulled a duckface pose behind him all with Louis knowing. The girls all giggled, taking pictures. You stopped when Louis signed the last item. "Okay girls, if you don't mind, I have a princess to tend to." He smiled and all the girls thanked him in awe. You and Louis finished your day, relaxing when you got home when his phone buzzed. "Layla, what did you do while we were with fans today?" He asked, sounding like he was holding back laughs. "I just watched." You said innocently, looking up at him. "Why?" He showed you his phone and he scrolled through all the silly pictures the girls took. You laughed, admitting that's what you did. "@Louis_Tomlinson: And this is why I love her. Silly boo! :) x" He tweeted, attached was the picture of you sticking your tongue out at him. "And I love you. Credit to the girls who took the pictures, you were all so amazingly sweet :)" After that tweet, you and Louis were bombarded with comments on how cute you two were. "CUTEST COUPLE EVER! Layla IS SO NICE!" were majority of them.

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