One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


33. Louis Tolinson ( Ashley)

It was movie night with you and Louis and you thought you two were going to watch a sweet romantic movie but no he picked a scary movie you hated scary movies you always had nightmares about them. while Louis was putting the movie on you went to the kitchen to make some  popcorn when the popcorn was done you went back to Louis you handed him the popcorn and both of you snuggled up together. you were in the middle of the movie when the girl is about to open the door to the monster but she didn't know just at that moment the door bell ran you got scared and jumped. both you and Louis looked at the door and Louis got you to get it you were right behind him you open the door and there was no one there so you turn around and see harry standing there right behind you in a scary scream mask you yelled and jumped. both harry and Louis were laughing at you you hit harry in the head with a pillow they both knew you were going to get revenge on them but they didn't know when.

I got to go to the bathroom you said

ok they both sat down in the couch and waited for you.

you decided to text the girls Eleanor perrie and Danielle

I know what your thinking why Eleanor I know she was Louis ex girlfriend but she's a great friend of mines but anyways this is what I said.


Me~ hey girls I got a plan to get the boys back

Perrie~ did harry and Louis prank you again

Me~ yeah

Danielle~ whats the plan

Eleanor~ yeah what is it

me~ do you guys have fake blood and black masks

all in response~ yeah why

me~ well come over in the mask wearing all black and with real looking knives and go back to the kitchen door pretend your robbers here to kill us.

all~ ok lets do this.

end of conversation

20 minutes later

you guys finish watching the movie and now you guys were talking harry and Louis were still making fun of you when all of a sudden you hear glass break from the kitchen you faked scream which seem real to the boys.

guys I thought you all ready pranked my what is it now ha you said trying not to laugh

this isn't one of our pranks we swear they both said

then who's in the kitchen

they guys grabbed a baseball bat and headed to the kitchen while the girl came to were you were.

you screamed and the guys came running you acted dead like they had stabbed you.

ASHELY Louis screamed he came to your side and hold you

baby please don't die on me come on please said Louis

Louis is that you you said

yes it is baby he said

I need to tell you something

what is it

you you just been pranked ahahahaha

what the hell you almost gave me a heart attack he yelled

all the girls came out of there hiding spot and started to laugh

got you we all said

when everyone left and  we cleaned the mess you and Louis went upstairs to sleep you were about to close your eyes when you hear Louis say: I would never let anyone hurt you your my everything I would never lose you I love you baby.

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