One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


76. Liam Payne ( Blaise)

You were going to one direction concert. And you had a “I <3 liam” shirt. You watched Liam move shake his sexy body. You drewl. It shows them while they get changed when you notice only you noticed…… Liam his trosiers they fell down and his his… Omg it was gorgeous! Then it was off the screen. That made you so wet!……. They started singing “Rock Me” and they started pulling up girls on the stage. Liam loooked aroung then his eyes met mine. He walked over and took my hands and pulled me up. And rocked his body next to mine while he did that he said “Hello love whats your name?” “Blaise” you replied. He smiled “what a lovley name for a lovley girl” he said in a cheeky voice.

He whispers to you a little secret with the words you dreamt of “here tell Paul that Liam let you come backstage okay, go after the song right over there he pointed. “Okay” you say. The song ends you run over and talk to Paul and tell him Liam said to come back stage and wait for him. Paul looks at Liam and he shakes his head yes as in yes I said that. He let you in and Paul had someone take his place for a few. Paul brought you into Liam’s dressing room.

You looked around you really wanted a something….. like his hair brush…. not like he has much hair:p. Ummm maybe I could get his…. you looked around trying to find something to ask for.. I guess I will just wait. The last song was over and you attempted to kinda sit there sexy….. Waiting for him to come in the dressing room.

Liam finally came into the room and you just sat there. He turned around to she you. ” Hi Blaise I bet you are wondering why I brought you in my dressing room?” He said in a cheeky voice which turned you on. ” Yeah I was wondering Liam now that I think about it.” You said. When you said that something cought your eye. Liam’s member had poped out a little.. Liam covered in embarsment. You walked over and pulled his hand away and you started to kiss him.

Liam kissed back and reached for your shirt bottom. He slowly pulls up your shirt. And justed pulled it up without stoping the kiss. You pulled his shirt off and looked at his body. It was amazayn(or amazing). Then he pulled of your bra, with your hard nipples. “Wow” Your beautiful. He said you blush at his comment. Then you pull his pants off and boxers while his very large member slaped his belly. And he pulled your pants down and next thing you new you were both naked. He pcked you up and shoved his member inside of you you moan as a tear ran down your face. Then You switched he put you down. You got on your knee’s and sucked while he finally he cumed in your mouth. Then you got on the ground and he pumped. “Fuck! Faster!” you moaned. Before you know it you Liam moaned ” i’m cuming”. “Metoo” you moaned. “Count of 3, 1, 2, 3.” you both cumed he gave you your clothes and he waled you back. He asked for your number. That was the begging of a very good relationship.
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