One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


65. Liam Payne ( Blaise )

WARNING: This is a dirty imagine very dirty.

You were going on tour with the boys because Liam couldn’t imagine being away from you for any period of time. You boarded the plane and took your seat next to Liam in first class. He insisted on getting the window seat and you laughed at his childlike behavior, giving him the seat. Since you were flying from London to Montreal, you had seven hours until the plane would land. Seven hours was a long time to be sitting on one position, so you decided to have a little fun with Liam. He was listening to his iPod when you started drawing little circles with your fingers on his leg. He looked over to you but you pretended to read your book. You brought your fingers closer to the inside of his thigh when he let out a soft moan. You smirked and turned to him, “Did you say something, Liam?” He cleared his throat, “No, I didn’t say anything.” You chuckled slightly and went back to your book, continuing to draw circles on the inside of his thigh. This time he grabbed your hand and glared at you, “What do you think you’re doing?” “What? I’m just reading,” you tried to hide your smile at his discomfort. “You know exactly what you’re doing and if you don’t stop, I will not be responsible for my actions,” he growled into your ear. You just smirked again and continued to mess with him. He whispered in your ear, “Bathroom. 2 minutes,” before abruptly standing up and heading towards the airplane’s restroom. You waited two minutes before getting up and joining him discreetly. You opened the door slowly before you were harshly pulled inside. Liam shoved you up against the door, grinding his hips into yours. He nibbled on your ear and whispered, “What did I tell you?” You moaned in reply as he kept grinding into you. “Shh,” he shushed, placing his hand over your mouth, “you have to be quiet.” You nodded and he removed his hand, sliding it down your body before stopping at the hem of your dress. He paused before quickly pull the fabric over your head, throwing it to the ground. He started kissing down your neck, stopping to suck on your sweet spot while you tried to hold back your moans. He pulled away from your neck as you fumbled with the button of his jeans. He unbuttoned them with ease before hastily pulling them off and discarding them next to your dress. His lips reattached themselves to your neck, sucking and biting at the tender skin there. Liam unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the ground. His lips traveled down to your breasts, leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses in their wake. You tried to bite back another moan but it slipped out, causing Liam to stop and look up at you, amusement in his eyes. “We’ll never hear the end of it if the boys find out,” he said, looking down at you. “Just shut up and fuck me,” you whispered back, pressing your hips against his and running your fingers through his hair. He laughed slightly and replied, “Yes, ma’am.” He quickly pulled down his boxers, causing his erection to slap his stomach. Your eyes grew wide at the sight of him and you reached out to touch him. He pulled back slightly before pinning your wrists above your head, “Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast. I have a question first.” He smirked as you squirmed underneath his touch, begging to be touched. “What?” you asked impatiently, bucking your hips toward him. “Are you a member of the mile high club?” he whispered seductively, nibbling on your ear. His hands found your panties and slowly dragged them down your legs. “Who made you this wet, love?” he asked, his fingers teasing your center. “You,” you breathed out, his touch sending shivers down your spine. “That’s right,” he said smugly before grinding his naked hips into yours again. He covered your mouth with his to stifle your moans as he fucked you fast and hard. He rammed into you and began rubbing your clit with his thumb. “Li-Liam, I’m gonna cu-cum!” you scream-whispered as you nearly reached your high. “Cum for me baby,” he replied. You walls clenched around him, causing him to climax as well. The two of you stood there for a few moments, the only sound being your heavy breathing. Liam leaned his forehead up against yours, placing a soft kiss to your swollen lips. “I guess we’re both members now,” you smirked as you got your breathing under control. Liam laughed and handed you your bra and dress. You looked at him expectantly, “Are you going to give me my underwear?” He picked up your underwear but just tucked them into his back pocket, “Nope, you won’t be needing these for the rest of the flight.” He winked and pulled on his boxers and jeans while you watched him with suspicion filled eyes. He opened the door for you and followed you back to your seats. As soon as both of you were seated, Liam’s hands made their way back to the hem of your dress. You bit your lips before whispering, “This is going to be a long flight.”
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