One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


34. Harry Styles ( Keyarra)

You were on your way over to your boyfriend, Harry’s house. You were going to be spending the day with him helping him make cupcakes for the Rednose day! You were so excited to help Harry and the boys raise money and just so glad to help! You pulled into Harry’s driveway and parked next to Harry’s black Range Rover. You grabbed your bag of supplies for the cupcakes and unlocked the front door with the extra key Harry gave you. “Harry?!” You called out over the loud music while taking off your shoes. “In the kitchen!” You heard your boyfriend yell. A big smile appeared on your face as soon as you heard your boyfriends voice. You made your way to the kitchen and saw Harry getting out the supplies for the cucpakes. “Harry!” You yelled with excitement setting down the supplies you brought onto the counter then jumping into his arms. “Hi kitten!” He said kissing your forehead. “How has your day been?” He asked setting you down. “Good how has yours been?” “Good! Are you ready to make these cupcakes?” He asked. “Yes! I’m really excited!” You said getting up to wash your hands. After you both washed your hands you started making the batter for the cupcakes. You were mixing the batter while Harry was getting the cupcake tins out. “Hey Harry come here!” You called him over with giggles. “Yes kitten?” He said standing next to you. “You got something on your nose right there!” You said wiping some batter onto his nose followed by a fit of giggles. He laughed then wiped it off onto a napkin. “Oh you’re going to get it!” He said laughing. Your eyes went wide because you knew what was coming. He knew very well just how ticklish you were and he would always use that against you. You quickly put down the wisk and ran outside of the kitchen and around the livingroom with Harry not to far behind. “You’re going to pay!” Harry said laughing. “Not if you don’t catch me!” You said making your way back into the kitchen and running around the island. Harry then ran the other way finally catching you and spinning around as you both just laughed. He then held you close and whispered into your ear. “Got you.” He said pulling back smiling. You kissed his cheek and he grabbed your hand leading you back to the cupcakes. A couple minutes later you stuck them into the oven and started cleaning up. You both finished the cleaning and by the time you were done cleaning the cupcakes were done and cooling. After they were done cooling you and Harry started decorating each one. You snapped a picture of Harry with his adorable cupcakes he made. You and Harry had a fun day making the cupcakes together.he then put frostin on your nose and kissed it of you the. Both of you share a romantic long kiss.
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