One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


99. Harry Styles ( Emmilee)

You and Harry were playing a friendly game of baseball in the backyard. Harry didn't know this but you were at bit competitive when it came to sports you were gonna beat him. You could see harry sad that he keep losing and you felt bad so for the next round you let him win . YES I WON IN YOUR FACE he yelled . You just laughed at his cuteness. I'll got get is some drinks to celebrate he said and went inside . You were practicing hitting the ball when you didn't notice harry was behind you and you hit his well his crotch. Ughhhh ohhhh he groaned and winced in pain. You ran to him and tried to help him up but he fell right back down. I'm so sorry baby you keep repeating. It's ok can you just get me an ice pack he said . You ran inside but you couldn't find the ice pack so instead you grabbed frozen peas. You ran back outside and put the peas in his area . After a few minutes of him laying there you finally got him to stand up u helped him get to the couch and took care of him for the rest of the day.
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