One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


96. Harry Styles ( Emma)

The doorbell rang and you and Harry groaned, pulling away from the heated make out session going on in the living room. "Who is it?" You called. "Joe!" "And James!" "And Peter!" "Oh! And Noah!" You got off of Harry and quickly fixed yourself up as you made your way to the door. You opened up to find the mini me's of the boys standing on your porch. "Mrs. Styles." Peter nodded, smiling, face turning red. Liam's son was such a charm. "Peter." You nodded back and let him in. "Helllooo Mrs. Styles." Joe winked, flashing a smile like something his father would do. "Joseph." You giggled, letting him in. "Hey Mrs. Styles." James waved, flashing a toothy grin like your good friend, Zayn. "Hey James." You smiled and he came in. You looked at Noah, his cheeks red just like his father, Niall's. His piercing blue eyes came in contact with yours and he let out a nervous laugh. "Mrs. Styles! ... Uh ... Hi." "Hey Noah, you okay?" You asked concerned and he nodded, stepping in. "Nicholas! The boys are here!" You called up to your son, who came down with a grin. "Hey guys!" They all tackled each other, when you noticed Noah still blushing. "Noah, hun, are you sure everything is okay?" He nodded, making sure he didn't make eye contact. You and Harry exchanged confused expressions when you heard Joe crack up. You looked at the mini Louis and he put a finger up. "Mrs. Styles, Noah thinks your fucking hot." He informed and you felt yourself blush. "Hey, language Tomlinson." Harry warned. "Horan, my mom ... Really?" Nick asked, laughing. "She is hot." Peter nodded in agreement. "Pretty smokin'." James puckered his lips as he nodded with Peter. "I'd say so too. You have a sexy woman there, Mr. Styles." Joe smiled and Harry growled. "The five of you, leave." He ordered and they all nodded, quickly shuffling out. You shut the door when you heard your son going off on them as Joe laughed and Noah blushed harder.
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