One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


110. Harry Styles ( Breigh)

Grande half caf, double shot, non-fat, two raw sugar, caramel cappuccino". Harry grabs his starbucks, grateful to have something to warm his hands up with after the bitter cold of winters breeze outside. You laugh, "Anyone would think you were the girl in our relationship with that fussy order!", he mocks offence and you wrap your arms around him beneath his coat. He gives you a kiss on the nose, and you know your forgiven. "Tall cappucino up". You untangle yourself from your boyfriend to grab your order, to find that someone has already taken it. "Sorry sir, but that's our order," Harry steps in, but the middle aged man looks flustered as he makes to leave the shop mumbling "Look, I'm sorry I can't help you I am already late for work and-". You feel Harrys body tense beside you, becoming defensive, as he reaches out for the mans shoulder to turn him around. "I'm sorry sir, but that is our order,", "Look, I am in a real rush I really must-". "You seem to not understand me, that is our order. We waited in line for it. You are aware of who I am aren't you? Harry styles? One direction?". "I have no idea who you are, I'm sorry but I really must go-" the man tries to leave. But again, Harry reaches out his hand and stops him. "Clearly, because had you have known who I was you would have never taken my order in the first place. Not only am I the lead singer of the biggest band of the moment, but I assure you I have more money than you'll ever see in your lifetime. Now if you'd just hand over the drink,". This whole time you've stood staring at your boyfriend in complete shock. He was kidding right? No, wasn't kidding, that was obvious from his furious expression. The balding man had begun to mumble rushed apoiligies, handing over the coffee, his ears turning red from embarrasment. No way were you having this. You reached out and took the coffee from Harry, and quickly pressed it into the buisnessmans hands. "I'm so sorry about this, please take it, we're in no rush, we can wait for the next one" you smile apoligetically, "Ignore him," you throw an annoyed look at Harry over your shoulder, "I really hope this hasn't made you too late for work,". The man smiled gratefully at you, and muttered a "Thanks miss" before rushing from the building. Without so much as a glance at Harry, you walk back up to the counter and grab the cappuccino thats waiting there, then walk straight out of the shop. Breigh! Breigh, wait up," Harry calls, but still, you ignore him and keep walking. He seems unaware that your annoyance is aimed at him and begins "Can you believe that man, talk about ignorant eh?". You stop so suddenly that Harry walks straight into you as you turn around to face him. "Him ignorant? You can talk, 'are you aware of who I am?'" You mock his previous comments, "I have never been so embarassed to be with you," You glare at him, while he stares blankly back at you, clearly upset by your words. "But I was trying to get your drink back for-" he starts, but you cut him off. "I appreciate that, I appreciate that you were trying to stand up for me, even though it was just something little like a coffee. What bothers me is how you went about it, 'I'm harry styles and I'm richer than you'll ever be blah blah blah'. Did you not realise how ridiculous and obnixious you sounded? I thought you were grounded, but clearly I was wrong,". You start walking again. You know your probably being a bit harsh on him, but you had never felt so mortified. "I'm sorry," he grabs you hand and spins you round so your facing him, "I am grounded, you know I am. Its just you. I get so defensive over you, I don't even think before I say anything,", he can't even meet your gaze. You place a hand on each of his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eye. "I'm sorry, I've probably been a bit mean. You did act like an idiot though. You don't have to get protective over my coffee," you laugh, trying to lighten the mood, "I want to date Harry. Not Harry Styles. I don't care who you are, I just care about who YOU are,". He smiles, and leans down to kiss you. "Just Harry it is then," he laughs, as you walk hand in hand to the studio.
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