One direction fanfic

Well they are random fanfics leave your name I the comments and ill make you a fanfic pick any one direction guy and tell me sad, romantic , friendship and ill make one thanks and tune in to see your fanfic


91. Harry Styles ( Angela)

You and your boyfriend Harry were at the beach he just came back from tour and you missed each other so much. You’ve been dating for a while now and both started to fall for each other. It was sunset and the beach was empty. You were swimming and having so much fun then you got tired and you sat down near the shore his green emerald eyes looked deep in your eyes and “Angela on tour, you’ve always been on my mind and I missed you so much I love you Angela, I love you to the moon and back.” You started blushing and he kissed you a long passionate kiss like he has never kissed you before. And then you said “i love you too, Harry” and you gave him a soft kiss on the lips. It was the first time you two told each other your feelings.

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