All Her Little Things


18. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me?

Zayns POV
When we got there, it was strange that we saw our management there. When Christina saw the banner that said " Olympics 2012 Future Champs" she froze. But why were we here. Some Russians were looking at us and dayuum they were pretty hot but nothing can top my babe. We walked over to Christina's Coach and our management. " Okay Christina you are going to the Olympics and One Direction you are going to perform at the ending ceremony" said Christina's coach. All of us just stood there in shock. " H-how!" Said Liam. "Well It just popped out of my head" said her coach. When Christina's coach said that she was going to the Olympics again she turned to us and back at her coach. It looked like she wanted to scream as loud as she can. Man this Is a big deal for us. Christina and the girls went to chat with some of the other gymnasts while the boys and I stayed with our management and talked about everything. What song are we gonna sing? How are we gonna sing it? So many questions were in our heads until we decided to sing What Makes You Beautiful on top of a red bus. Our first rehearsal is next week and Christina's first practice is too.
Emily's POV
OMG! Christina is going to the Olympics and the boys are performing and the Olympics! I'm so proud of all of them. Christina was literally about to faint. She was so excited that she couldn't breathe. Zayn got so happy he carried me bridal style and turned me. It was so much fun. After all of the decisions we made, all of us got so hungry so we went to Nandos of course. While getting out this paparazzi had the nerves to freaking trip Sarah and Me. But it wasn't over yet. We weren't Gna let them have the last laugh. "Hey Christina! Ready?" I said. " I've been waiting for this a long time" she said. She started doing flips and went to the paparazzi and said " Dont you mess with da family." Louis tossed the keys to her and all of us did that diva turn and went to the car. "That was great babe" Louis said with a smile. "Haha thanks" said Christina.
*1 week later*

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