All Her Little Things


15. Who Should I Pick?

Elizabeth's POV
It has been 2 weeks already since Destinees Birthday and in two days I'm leaving sadly. While the guys were playing video games and the girls and I were gossiping I got sleepy and so did all the other girls too. We said all our goodnights and headed to our rooms except Harry. When everyone was in their rooms Harry was left alone and came upstairs to my room. I pretended that I was sleeping. He came in and he automatically smushed his lips onto mine. He whispered to me saying " I love you but I don't know how to say it if you are awake kiss me if you are not.." Silence came in the room for 5 seconds then I made up my mind. I got up and quickly held his hand and kissed him. " I like the way you smile at me and the way you laugh and Alexis has been acting strange around me but I just have feelings for you and I don't know what to do. I don't want you to go. If there's anything I have to do to let you stay tell me" he whispered to me. "Okay I will text you my airplane ticket application and u extend it okay? But don't tell anyone I want to surprise them plus don't tell anything that happened tonight" I said. "Okay love goodnight" he said. "Goodnight."
Christina's POV
I woke up to Elizabeth's voice telling me to wake up. "WHAAT!!" I yelled. "Get everybody together I need to tell everyone something really really important" she said. "Okay okay" I said. I woke up and I was still in my pjs and still didn't feel like wearing my clothes after brushing my teeth I went downstairs and everybody was moaning that why they had to get up so early. I went and cuddled with Louis, my head to his chest. Alexis looked worried and so did Harry were they pregnant? Hope not. "Okay guys um I have to tell u guys something" Elizabeth said. "Go on I wanna sleep" said Zayn. "Shut up and listen to Elizabeth" said Emily. "I'm staying I'm not going home tomorrow" she said quickly. " Ar-are you kidding me!!?!!!" I said. "Nope" she said. It wasn't that big of the news that she was going to stay for anyone but then Emily whispered something to Alexis and she got up and said" I think i need to tell all of you guys something including Harry" she said. "I have to tell something to" said Harry. "How about we say it in the same exact time?" Alexis said. "Okay 1..2...3..". " I'm cheating on you" both of them said at the same exact time. We stood there in shock. I didn't know who to either look at Harry or Alexis? Alexis just sat on the couch and told me that their was a guy his name was Marc. She really liked him but didn't know how to tell Harry. "It's okay" I said to her. "If you think Marc is best for you you should go for him" I said. " Really?" She said. "Yes" I said. Harry came up to her saying " Alexis I'm sorry for what I have done and I'm sure you are sorry too but we will always be the BESTEST Friends" he said . She smiled and said "Forever." I decided to go to Harry and talk to him who he is in deeply in love. "Hey um Harry so who's ur girlfriend?" I said. "Um Elizabeth" he said. I knew it. He was the one who extended her flight. She might not even go ever...
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