All Her Little Things


13. Whatever the f***

Harry's POV
I heard Christina screaming my name from downstairs so I got up and ran as fast as I could. When I got down Christina said to me"Look at the freaking TV! I THOUGHT THUS SHIT WAS PRIVATE!" I looked on the TV screen and it was a picture of me and Alas. I stood there in shock and I went on twitter everybody was talking about this. But now that alas is in life time jail nothing would happen hopefully.. I went on twitter and saw some of the tweets some where like this" Lets go Harry ur our superhero! " and some where "Why da fuck did u do that! You could've killed urself. " Whatever. I decided to take everybody out to get some yogurt and to go shopping.
Louis's POV
We all decided to go do some shopping and HOPEFULLY there's no freaking drama. Christina got her keys and all of us went outside. They're were so many paparazzi everywhere! When all of us got in the car Niall was making eye contact with Sarah. When we got there Christina had eye on this Gucci purse and she saw me watching her but she didn't say a word. "You want it? I can buy it for you love" I said. "No it's too expensive and I'm not going to let you spend money on that purse"she said. "Okay love" I said kissing her cheek. After all the shopping we went to Yogurt land. The boys and I signed some of autographs and some fans were just really mean towards the girls. When the boys and I went outside to chat a little about tour and stuff and I saw one of our "fans" had a knife. When we got in Christina and the girls got up and screamed at one of the girls saying "Don't you ever fucking do that again. Why the fuck are you even a directioner!" We saw Emily bleeding from her nose and Sarah on the ground with her hand on her knee it was bleeding. Christina had a aid pack with tons of bandages so that helped. After all the drama and the blood, I quickly ran to buy the purse that Christina wanted. I wrapped it and put it in the trunk so she wouldn't see. When we got home Niall carried Sarah bridal style to her room and Christina was pissed off about the fans so I wanted to surprise her. When she got upstairs to her room my phone vibrated from a tweet that Christina tweeted. She had 3.5 million followers on twitter. She tweeted saying" Can't believe what happened today some people just get into my fucking nerves so don't mess with da family." She got lots of retweets and favorites and I retweeted it. I quickly went back to the car and got the purse and I went upstairs and knocked on the door and she said come in. I went inside and said " Dont get mad but I want you to be happy and I love you." "I love u more but ur scaring me now what's up" she said. I gave her the wrapped box and when she opened it her expression was priceless! "OMG OMG I love u so much!" She screamed. She kissed me by her lips and said " Literally ur the best boyfriend ever" I smiled and I decides to sleep next to her tonight. I got a vibration from a tweet from Christina saying" I love my boyfriend so much @Louis_Tomlinson" and there was the pic of the purse.
Nialls POV
Today was not a good day at yogurt land. This bitch freaking hit my girlfriend with a knife on her knee. I love her so much. I would die if anything serious would happen to her. I decided to get up from my bed and go to Sarah's bed because I was scared. When I walked in the room she was in her bra and her underwear. "Shit sorry forgot to knock" I said. "It's okay babe you will see me like this even more" she said winking at me. I ran to her carrying her bridal style and I started kissing her by the neck. "I love you so much" I whispered.
Alexis's POV
I couldn't sleep. I went on my phone and went on twitter of course. Oh my god I had 3.7 million followers. I followed some of them and I think it made there day. The tweets were so sweet I just wanted to hug them. They're were some hate but whatever the fuck. I didn't care. Harry came in my room checked on me and he kissed my lips and said "Goodnight love." "Goodnight" I said. I put my phone away and tried to go to sleep. Around 3:30 a.m. My phone started vibrating. It was a call.

Sorry guys this chapter came late! Xx-bellz
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