All Her Little Things


20. What.

Elizabeth's POV
We were all downstairs and I was cuddled with Harry on his chest. I can't believe he's mine now. Louis came in some beer and passed one to each of us. " Here Love " he said to Christina. "I don't want it" she said. "You need it trust me" Louis said back. She got the beer and chugged it down. What was up with her? I really wanna know. I blink my eyes once and she's already done with the bottle. She went upstairs said her goodnight and kissed Louis and went back to bed. It was 11 and she had practice tomorrow. That moment Louis jumped up and went to her room until the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" I yelled. I open the door and it was Marc. Alexis came ran to the door and said " oh baby ur here " she said kissing his cheek. When he got in to me it was *bitch mode activated* You see I used to have problems with Alexis and all that stuff in 7th grade. Marc hugged all the guys and greeted the girls. We all drank our beers and gossiped.Marc soon went back home and we all went upstairs. Harry carried me bridal style to my room. He slept next to me. I felt his bare chest on my back while he was hugging me by the stomach. "Goodnight babe" he whispered. "Goodnight" I said back to him.
Liam's POV
Today we had rehearsals and Christina had practice. We end around 3 and Christina ends around 3:30 so we will have time to pick her up and the girls from home. I went downstairs eating my cereal until Christina came down. "Hey wat are you doing up so early?" She said. "Can't sleep" I said back to her. "Oh okay pick me up at 3:30 at gym byez" she said to me picking up her keys. She left. I turned on the TV until Destinee came downstairs crying. I quickly rushed to her. " wats wrong love??!" I said. " I had a nightmare" she said. "Okay it's not real Dont worry about it it was just a nightmare" I said to her kissing her forehead. I carried her bridal style onto the couch and we both started watching TV. Her head was on my chest and there was a blanket over us.
Taylor's POV
Christina walked in gym and she looked at me for a sec and turned to her direction. Some day I will get her and what I did at the Olympics 2004 was nothing. I will get her someday.

Sorry guys this chapter was short! ❤ LUV ya unicorns! My Frand was counting down -_- Lol okay I will update Soon❤
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