All Her Little Things


2. What just happened...

Christinas P.O.V.

I went to Starbucks to get a drink and all of a sudden I hear screaming of fans. Around the corner I saw 5 beautiful boys stand right in front of me. I knew them from some where. When it hit me One direction. All five of them screamed 'HELP DO U HAVE A HIDING PLACE WE COULD HIDE??" I said " Yea come with me." I took them to my apartment I hurt my ankle while running and I guess it was Louis who carried me bridal style to my apartment. He was so strong.. hehe okay. When i opened the door i saw all the girls watching toy story and of course Sarah would be eating Nando's. I quietly brought all the guys in when all the screaming fans passed by. Next to the door were all my medals including from the olympics ( I was a rhythmic gymnast for more than 15 years ). All the boys went behind the couch where the girls were sitting and Sarah was eating Nandos. Louis saw my medals and he said to me ' Wow im impressed." *smirking at me* All of a sudden the girls looked at me when I closed the door. They knew I was holding something and all of a sudden when Sarah goes and gets some Orange Juice she screamed at me" CHRISTINA WHY THE HELL IS ONE DIRECTION BEHIND OUR COUCH??????????????!!?!' All of the boys got up and smiled " Long story short they needed a place to hide so I brought them here." i said.

Alexis's P.O.V.

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED...While we were watching toy story all of a sudden One direction is behind our couch?!?I didnt know what to do. " We needed somewhere to hide from all the fans is it okay if we stay here for a couple of days?' said Liam while Destinee was akwardlyy staring at him. "NANDOS!!" Niall screamed. "You like them too?!?" Sarah asked. "YES!" said Niall. When I went upstairs to change I heard foot steps behind me. It was harry. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I think I just died a little bit inside. I just saw her and I know shes mine now. As i was following her upstairs she knew i was there but she didnt say anything.. "Hello beautiful" i said. " hey there can i have some privacy?" she said. Her name was Alexis. I know im a flirt but this was different she was just oh so wonderful to me. Even though I just met her I knew she was the one. " Oh sorry love" I said. "Its okay" she said smiling at me. I was waiting behind her door and yes it was weird. She came out. "So tell me about yourself" i said. "Well my name is Alexis Horan and im half irish my mum died when I was young so I moved in with my best friends" Alexis said. "Sorry about ur mum", "Its okay" she said. "WAIT" I said...

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