All Her Little Things


9. We Are Young.

Louis's P.O.V,

WTF is going on. Everythings all over now and its so confusing. Elizabeth is kidnapped. I quickly got the keys to Christina's car."Where the hell do you think you guys are going?" screamed Christina. "To the woods" I said. "You guys arent going alone and you dont know where the cottage is" said Christina. "Fine come love" I said. When we got to the cottage, Niall was biting his nails, Christina looked like she was ready to fight in the World War 3, Sarah looked confident, Harry had his phone dialed 911 and the rest of the guys and girls were in back of us. We heard loud screaming and it was Elizabeth. From that point on I was scared for her and the others.

Sarah's P.O.V.

Elizabeth was my friend and I would do anything for her. From this point, it was dangerous. What if Alas had a gun? What if he had a knife? Christina and I were ready to fight on hard."Guys in 1 we get in the cottage me and the boys will beat the @!% up of Alas and girls get Elizabeth" I said."Wow never knew you were a great leader like that" said Niall. "Okay guys 3...2...1" I screamed. When we got in the cottage me and the boys got Alas and threw him all over the wall punching his head and his stomach. Harry called 911 and they said they were on there way here. I hit Alas right in the face. When the girls got Elizabeth she had another scar on her neck and it was covered by a bandage. 

Harry's P.O.V.

The way I saw Elizabeth all bloody and my old best friend getting beat up. "Thats enough" I screamed. The guys and Sarah stepped backwards while Alas was on the ground. I grabbed him by his shirt and said" If u fucking mess with one of us all of us come right up until you go down." Finally the police came and they handcuffed Alas. I just needed him to feel our pain. I went in the police car. Looking at him and i punched him right in the stomach and came out. "Thanks but we arleady got him you dont have to that" said one of the policeman. "I did your work" I said. When I got inside the car Elizabeth on the cheek and she said "Thanks." "No problem babe," i said. "HAZZA HOSPITAL NOW!" said Louis. I looked down and my knee was covered in blood. Looked like that bitch stabbed me. When we got to the hospital the nurse wrapped my knee. Everything else was okay. When we came out there were paps everywhere. We finally got to the car. And I got some beer and drank. "Not too much beer" said Louis. "Shut up mother" I said laughing. When we got home I had a eager to kiss Elizabeth. When everyone went to sleep. i slipped into Elizabeth's room kissed her and went back to bed. God. Her lips were so smooth. I kinda liked her. She was beautiful. What the heck am i thinking? I have a girlfriend for gods sake. Why did i kiss her? Was she even asleep? Hope she doesnt tell anyone. 


Thanks guys for so many views! Keep it coming! Sorry this chapter came late I was sick ;( okay bye ma directioners. xoxo- Bellz <3

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