All Her Little Things


4. Truth or Dare?

Zayns P.O.V.

"I will start" I said. " Okay go babe" said emily. "Truth or Dare Harry?" "Uh how bout' dare?" Harry said. "Okay I dare you to go and switch clothes with Alexis in the same room" I said. "Fine" harry said with a little smirk on his face. 

Alexis's P.O.V.

I cant believe why the hell would Zayn give that dare to harry but its okay at least its only a round. While i was changing I felt harrys eyes looking at my body. I felt his breath on top of my shoulder. He kissed my cheek and I smiled. He looked me through his brown and dark eyes saying three words that just let me lit up"I love u." I couldnt take it anymore I loved him but I dont know if I should kiss him. He knew that I was blushing so he grabbed my hand and he kissed me.. He asked me out and I said yes. After we finished dressing up into each others clothes we came out like nothing happened and everybody started laughing. 

Harry's P.O.V.

She loves me and I love her... "Okay back to the game guys. Truth or Dare BOO BEAR?" I said. "Fine dare hazza" Louis said. "Okay I dare u to kiss someone in this room for more than 15 seconds or more" I said winking at him. I knew he loved Christina cuz he told me. And this was the time to tell her that.

Louis's P.O.V.

I knew right away who to kiss and her name was Christina. She was right beside me and I truly love her and i would never break her heart. She meant the world to me. I got up and went closer and closer and closer to her - until my lips touched hers. A spark went in her eyes. 

Christina's P.O.V.

When Louis kissed me i felt like i was in heaven. His lips were smooth and then he grabbed my hand and said" I love u" so nobody can hear. I smiled and blushed. "Thats good love birds" said harry. "Lets go im tired and its almost 12" said emily. "Bu-but im still hungry" said Niall. "Its okay love tomorrow" said Sarah. We all said our goodnights and headed to our rooms until i heard a ringtone which was from Harry's phone. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

Shit! I forgot to tell Paul that we were staying in a apartment and it has been already 2 days. I picked up the phone while the boys were around me and niall was biting his nails. I heard screaming and i knew paul was mad. "We're very sorry we were being chased by fans soo we came to our closest friends house" I said. "OKay but this is a warning im not mad be at the Radio station near Doncaster at 12 in the morning" he said. PHEWWW Thank god he didnt get mad but i lied to him. All the girls were sleeping so all the boys went to sleep too.

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