All Her Little Things


10. Three Little Words❤

Zayns POV
I woke up hugging Emily. She was beautiful and I loved her very much. I didn't wanna move a centimeter. "I love u" I whispered and kissed her by the cheek. She woke up and whispered to me "I love u more." I smiled. Yesterday was one of the craziest days for me especially Harry. Harry had a girlfriend but it seems that he has feelings for Elizabeth. We got up and got dressed. We saw Louis and Christina on the couch cuddling while they were asleep. I took a pic and tweeted it saying "Lovebirds." I knew that Louis loved Christina.
Louis's POV
Last night I had a kiss with one of the most wonderful girls in the world. I asked her out and she said "Yes of-f course." "I love you so much it's indescribable" I whispered to her. She smiled and we went to sleep while her head was on my chest. She's a rhythmic gymnast but for me she's just so marvelous. I would never let her go.
Christina's POV
I woke up by zayn talking to Emily. So I'm Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend. I love him so much. Ever since I've seen his Pic on twitter I was dying for him. I heard my phone vibrate so I quickly got off the couch and looked at my phone "one new message from Coach" great what does she want now. I looked at her text it said" Be at gym in an hour important meeting:)" hm I wonder wat was it about. "Who is it?" Said Louis. "Oh just my coach I have to be at gym in an hour." I said. " I'll take you babe" said Louis. "Okay but you have to be careful there's lots of little girls who love one direction" I said smiling to him. "We'll bring the whole band then" he said. "Ur kidding right?" I said. "Nope" he said. "Fine don't make that much noise when we get there cuz you will get kicked out." I said."how could the gorgeous Louis Tomlinson get kicked out" he said.

Nialls POV
"Babe I love u more than anything in the world" I said kissing Sarah's lips. "I love you too" she said. I got over her and pulled the sheets over. Whenever I touch her and kiss her I always feel loved by. When her lips met mine it was wonderful. It felt like a angel just flew by. ❤ Everything was just oh so fine. I loved her. She's beautiful,funny, and caring. Anything a guy would love to have.

Thanks guys for views! Keep on going! Xoxo -Bella
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