All Her Little Things


3. Surprise Surprise!

Alexis's P.O.V.

"WHAT?!?" I said. "Whats ur last name again?" harry said. "Horan" I said. Harry quickly ran to Niall while he was eating Nando's with Sarah. And I knew Niall liked Sarah because of the way he looks at her. They were such a cute couple! Okayy.. so when harry went up to Niall, Niall quickly got a big grin upon his face. And I never knew.. turns out Niall has been looking for me and we're cousins! I never knew that.. Everybody got so surprised.. Niall had a pic of me and him while we were little. And it was nice to see him again. Just to get some more proof I asked him what my mums name was and he said it correct. So pretty much my mum and his mum were sisters. 

Destinee's P.O.V.

OMG! Turns out niall and alexis are cousins! that was a huge surprise.. While Liam and I were watching Toy Story I saw Emily and Zayn having a little fun. I knew that Zayn liked Emily and I knew they were just PERFECT. Zayn came up to me when Emily went to the restroom. "Can u do me a favor" he said. "Uh sure I guess" I said. " Okay good don't tell anyone but I really like Emily" he said. " Like I didnt know" I said. 

Zayn's P.O.V.

"is it dat obvious" I said. "Yup" Destinee said. "Okay can u go and tell her if she likes me?" I said. "Are u fucking kidding meh? She loves u since Alexis showed the pic of u guys on twitter!" she said. "Really u sure?" "IM POSITIVE now go shes coming" she said. Okay now i knew that Emily likes me i am going to ask her out. 

Emily's P.O.V.

I really didnt know what was going on when I came out of the bathroom... I really liked Zayn and everything about him he was so perfect. okay im gna stop. hehe. Zayn took me to a room and i didnt know wat to realize.When we got in he automatically turned around and looked at me with his sparkly eyes. And he kissed me. I was never kissed by a guy before and it was good. He whispered" I love u." "I love u too" I said.

Christina's P.O.V.

While everyone was in their own world Louis and I decided to go and play truth or dare. "GUYS LIVING ROOM NOW" I screamed. Niall came out of the kitchen with Sarah, Destinee and Liam were in the living room already, Emily and Zayn came out of her room holding hands(wonder what happened eh?) and Harry & Alexis well they were having fun while talking to each other. Everyone was finally in the living room and it was time to play. . 



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