All Her Little Things


1. Some People...

Christinas P.O.V.

"Get ur freaking underwear out of my bed!" I said. "Sorry didnt mean to."said Alexis *giggles* "GUYS GET IN HERE!!!!!!!" screamed Emily. "WHAAAT?", Destinee screamed back. "Sit in a circle while I go get some snacks" said Emily.  She came with some chips and a book. Not only just a book a book that we all finished together when we were 10. With all our memories and letters to each other. "Remember the time when I took a picture of you kissing a cardboard of Louis Tomlinson!" said Alexis. We all bursted out laughing so hard while looking at pics when we were going to fishing and Destinee's shorts got stuck by the ships stairs. " OH and remember the time when milk came out of your nose!" I said to Alexis. I just stood there thinking I have the best and most funniest best friends in the world. We hugged each other and said our goodnights and lots of kisses. 

Emilys P.O.V.

I knew that Christina kinda got emotional. I loved each and everyone of my best friends. And I would never let them go.  They meant the world to me. I was so tired so I turned around by the window and closed my eyes until I heard screaming. I got out of my bed like i was in the olympic track and field I went to Christina's room and i saw someone broke into our apartment. They took all of christinas jewelry and alexis's diamond bracelet.Thank god it was a dream. Alexis came and woke me up. 

Alexis's P.O.V.

I woke up and woke up everyone else it was 10:30 A.M. While Destinee was making breakfest I was of course on twitter and everyone was talking about this boy band "One Direction." I looked up there pics and I admit they were pretty handsome. I liked the one with the curly hair. His name was Harry Styles. I told everyone about this boy band in the apartment and each of them had a boy for them. For Christina was Louis Tomlinson, for me was harry styles, for destinee it was liam, for emily was zayn, and for Sarah was Niall Horan. 

Sarahs P.O.V.

IM IN LOVE WITH NIALL HORAN! haha! It was like we all had our little future boyfriends it was so funny! It was noon and Christina went to take a little walk to get some Starbucks around the corner while I was ordering some Nando's and all the other ones were watching Toy Story.

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