All Her Little Things


8. Remembering the past...

Christina's POV

WHERE THE HELL IS ELIZABETH! I looked everywhere. When I went to her room there was a note. "Looking for Elizabeth? Come find her in the woods. -A
She was kidnapped. I came out of the room screaming " GUYS ELIZABETH IS KIDNAPPED!" "What?" Alexis said. "I've got the note right here!" I said. "Gimme that," said Alexis. She read it and gave it To Me. " Girls room now" she screamed. All the girls went in the room. "Guys remember Elizabeth's ex boyfriend? " said Alexis. "Uh yea," Emily said. "He's the one who kidnapped her." She Said. "Alas" i whispered. "Guys remember when we were little we were playing hide and go seek and Elizabeth kept hiding in the woods in the small cottage" said Destinee. We all nodded. That's where she is. Alas used to date her and he used to do really bad stuff. She had a scar next to her neck and she always hides it with her hair. Alas gave that scar with a knife in a alley. •Flashback•
I needed to go to the bathroom so I decided to go into the one in the alley. There I see Elizabeth all covered in blood. I quickly took her to the hospital and she recovered and took her to her house. She lost lots of blood.
Harry's POV
I knew Elizabeth loved me but I already have a girlfriend that I will always love. I had some kind of feeling for her. Like she was my sister. I cared for her and all the guys did too. She was like another sister in the family. When we find out who kidnapped her we are Gna hit him til he is all covered in blood. When Alexis told me who it was. Alas. I knew that name from somewhere when it hit me. White Eskimo.
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