All Her Little Things


21. Really?

Sarah's POV
I woke up next to Niall and his arm around my stomach. I quickly got up and decided to wake up Niall too. "Wake Up!" I yelled. "What!?!" He screamed back. "Rehearsals" I said Back to him. "Oh sorry love forgot" he said. We went and I ran quickly to the bathroom so Zayn doesn't get it first. I quickly brushed my teeth and fixed my long light brown hair and went back into my room. Niall came out after he finished dressing up. I quickly got my "True Love" shirt and my jeans shorts with my toms and got downstairs. Everyone was downstairs and the boys had to go to their rehearsals. "Catch ya later guys" Louis yelled. Niall quickly gave me a peck kiss on my lips and left. "So what you guys wanna do?" I asked the girls. "How about Mall? And then movie?" Emily said. "Sounds fine by me" I said. I called taxi and they said that they will be here in 5 minutes. I went Back to my room got my phone and my small purse and got out of my room. "Taxi is here!" I yelled. All of us came out. I made sure I locked the doors. We got in the taxi and it was a sweet old man. His name was John. "So where are you young lady's going to?" He asked. "Can you please drop us off the Mall?" Elizabeth asked. " Yes ma'm we will be there in 10 minutes" he said. We all nodded. We finally got at the mall. I have John a tip and got out. Some fans actually came and wanted pictures. We took a few pics and went shopping! I got into one of the stores with Elizabeth and saw pillows of One Direction. We both squealed. It was a bit awkward especially when we are the girlfriends. "I'm gonna get a HARREEH ONE!!!" Elizabeth yelled. I nodded and quickly got a pillow of Niall. We both went to the cashier and I can see she was shaking.

Christina's POV
I started my routine with my Coach. I
couldn't even remember how many times I did it. I really need to practice but I kept thinking about the boys and the girls. I quickly went Back to my bag and saw a text from Louis. "Hey love how's practice." "It's fine for now pick me up at 3:30 love" I replied. I quickly went back to my routines until Taylor decided to trip me. I looked into her eyes In disgust and went back to my Coach for explanations. As always this bitch has to get into the fucking conversation between my coach and me. And I'm talking about Taylor for gods sake. She asked some few minor questions and left. My coach told me the explanations until I saw the clock was already 3:30. I saw the girls and the boys walk in. I smiled and waved. They sat on the bleachers until Taylor decided to go near them to say hi. I quickly went to my bag and kissed Louis on the cheek. "So Taylor how the fuck are you gonna get out!" I said. "Why the fuck do you care don't you see I'm hanging out with the harry styles" she said back to me. From that point Elizabeth was literally red and she looked like she wanted to punch that girl right in the stomach but soon my coach called Taylor for some reason. We walked out and I saw the Alexandra RAISMAN walk in my gym! I was such a big fan. I hugged her and said Hi and can't believe she knew me. We decided to go and get some Nandos. When I walked in, the girls' and my face just froze. We just stood there in complete shock.
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