All Her Little Things


16. Overprotective.

Louis's POV
I woke up. Christina was already dressing up to go eat breakfast. I got up and hugged her behind her back. "Good morning love" I whispered into her ear. "Good morning" she said to me with a smile. We both went downstairs after we brushed our teeth and fixed out hair. We saw Sarah and Niall kissing. "Ooo lalalla" said Christina. "Enough Lovebirds" I said with a smirk. " I want Nandos" said Niall. "Didn't you just eat breakf-" There was a knock on the door. I went and opened the door. It was a guy. " uh hey there I'm here for Alexis" he said. " hello there um I'm sure she will come downstairs in two min come Inside" I said. I mouthed to Christina that it was Marc. " hi there I will go call Alexis" said Christina. Was this the guy that Alexis chose over Harry? Harry came downstairs with Elizabeth . Harry looked at me like Who the fuck was that guy. I went up to him and whispered to his ear saying "it was Marc." Finally Alexis came down and Introduced Marc to everybody. "Oh hey Marc" she said. "Hey ready?" Marc said. "Yup" she said. "Where are you guys going" said Harry. " We're just Gonna go get some yogurt" said Alexis. " Dont get caught by the paparazzi and be careful" said Harry. They said their goodbyes and went.
Harry's POV
I went on my phone and went to Twitter as fast as I can. I saw many hate to Alexis why she broke up with me. I tweeted saying " Dont send hate to @Alexis_Pintoxx we are best friends forever. I have a gf and she is @ElizabethhhA don't send hate to her either. Stop getting into our private lives please xx Love u guys! " Automatically I got tons of retweets and it was already on E! News. But whatever. I really love Elizabeth. We both took a pic and I tweeted it.
Marc's POV
God. Why was Harry that overprotective towards Alexis? I knew that they were bf and gf but still. They're just friends right? "Hey wanna take a pic? " Alexis said. "Sure babe" I said. We took a pic and she tweeted it and said " My babe @MarcB ." I automatically got so many followers. I saw some hate over Alexis but she didn't care. "I love you" I said. "Love you more " she said. I dropped her off at her house and smushed my lips to hers.
Sarah's POV
"Look who's back" I said skipping towards her. "How was it?" Emily asked. "It was good" she told us.

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