All Her Little Things


24. OMG.

Niall's POV
When the opening ceremony ended we went back to our hotel. Christina has 2 more days until she competes and god all of us are nervous more than her! Sarah and I went back to our room and I was so tired. I looked at the clock on my phone 11:07 PM and 257 mentions on twitter. I went to the bathroom and took a short shower. After I came out I heard something that was just so beautiful. It was someone singing. I peeked through the door and saw Sarah singing. I walked out really quiet so I don't stop her. I was only with a towel around my waist. I walked closer and closer to her .. "Niall I thought you were taking a shower!" she said. "Your voice is beautiful" I said kissing her cheek. " Thanks babe " she said. I could tell she was trying not to blush. She was truly beautiful. "Why didn't you tell me you can sing" I asked her. "Cuz I thought you would think that I was not good" she said. "Babe I would never say that" I said to her. I kissed her lips and she kissed back. She came up to me and I started to kiss her neck and up to her lips. We ended unfortunately but I didn't wanna stop ever. She looked at me with her beautiful blue ocean eyes and we slept together.

Harry's POV
I woke up and looked next to me and Elizabeth wasn't there. I got worried. I looked around the hotel room but I couldn't find her. I decided to get up and take a quick shower. When I opened the door I saw something horrible...

Christina's POV
I woke up and I told Lou that I'm going to go check up on everybody else . I checked Sarah's and Nialls room but they were still asleep I guess, next I checked Destinee's and Liam's and they were dressing up, then I checked on Emily and she was taking a shower while Zayn was getting up, then I checked Alexis and she was sleeping and finally I wanted to check on Lizzy(her short name) and Harry. I opened the door to their hotel room and I couldn't find them. I stepped further into the room and I find Harry next to the bathroom crying on the floor but I couldn't find Lizzy. I ran up to the bathroom and I saw the worst thing ever. I couldn't believe what I saw. Why would she do that?

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