All Her Little Things


17. Oh My.

Nialls POV
I was with Sarah on the couch watching a movie until she jumped up to Alexis when she came home. When I saw that guy he always gave a dirty look and attitude towards Harry and I'm pretty sure he didn't like it. There was something wrong with that guy that Alexis hasn't know about it yet. Elizabeth and Harry are going along well which is good. Our tour starts in 7 months and I hope I will be with my love, Sarah the whole time. When Sarah came back I hold her hand and told her to come with me. I took her to my room and I turned around and looked into her sparkly eyes. We haven't had some fun in a while.. "I love you" I whispered to her. " I love you more Niall" she said. I started kissing her neck and slowly went up to her lips. I took off her shirt and carried her bridal style to my bed. "That's enough babe lets go back to the living room" she said. " fine but there's Gna be more after" I said with a smirk. We both went to the living room and everybody was on top of each other in front of the TV. I looked over and I saw all of us with our girlfriends and Alexis with that Marc guy. The reporter said " Alexis has officially gone over another guy it seems to be a guy named Marc when she tweeted a pic of her and him saying My babe and our Hazza has tweeted a pic of his new girlfriend, Elizabeth, rumour has it they were both cheating on each other. Stay tuned for more! " Harry had a angry face and quickly went on twitter tweeting " Can you guys just forget about what happened! We're still very close friends. Love u all xx" and then he snapped a pic of him and all of us with Alexis and said saying "Bffs forever! Haha" I'm glad he stood up for himself.
Christina's POV
My phone started vibrating and it was a call from my coach. "What the fuck does she want now!" I yelled out loud. " looks like someone's getting angry" said Emily. " who is it?" Said Louis. " it's my coach again" I said with a annoying face. Truly I really love Rhythmic Gymnastics ever since I started I always wanted to go to the Olympics and get first place. Which I did a couple of years ago but I want to live the feeling again. I decided to pick up my phone.
(Phone conversation C:Christina Co:Coach)
C: hello?
Co: hi Bella. How are you?
C: I'm fine thank you what's up coach?
Co: I have great news!
C: what is it?
Co: be at gym around 6 and bring the gang here too! They will get really happy if they know about this!
C: umm.. Okay .
Co: okay see you soon
C: bye
Co: bye
*phone call ended*
"GUYS!!" I yelled. "What!" yelled Liam. "My coach said to be at my gym place at 6 and she has great news for me and for you guys too!" I said. " Wait wait us too?" said Zayn. "Yup she said to bring the whole gang" I said. "Okay" Liam said. "Man I really wanna know" said Niall. "You'll know don't worry" I said with a smile. Louis came next to me with a huge grin on his face. " I love you so much that its indescribable" he said. "Awe babe I love you more" I said. "Now go get ready I have to get ready too" he said. "Fine" We all went to get dressed and came back down it was 5:45. "Got the keys? " said Liam. " yup now Leggo" I said. All of us went outside and I locked the door. " who wants to drive!" I yelled. "Me" said Niall. " okay" I said with a worried face. We got there safe and sound thank goodness. I got my purse and went inside hardly. So many freaking paparazzi. One of them brought a little girl she was so cute. She asked for my autograph and I stopped from rushing and said "sure little girl." "What's your name?" I Said. " i-it's Samantha" she said. "What a pretty name" i said. "Thank you" she said. I quickly signed the poster of me and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she said " thank you for everything I love you" " Awe I love you more!" I yelled back to her. She was so sweet! When I got in I saw everyone from the Olympics and saw Paul and I saw the guys management. I dropped my bag and stood there in complete shock.

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