All Her Little Things


6. New Roommate

Niall's P.O.V.
Now that the girls are exposed we dont have to hide anything. Sarah's mine and I love her. She's so beautiful,funny, and caring. I would never let her go. I took her to my room saying that I love her and if she would like to go out with me. She whispered to me saying '' Ofcourse.'' I kissed her and went out of the room holding hands. I loved her..
Sarah's P.O.V.
So im dating Niall Horan. I love him and he loves me. Right now, I might be the most happiest girl in the world.
Christina's P.O.V.
When I picked up my phone, I mouthed the girls saying that it was Elizabeth. Elizabeth was my friend since 7th grade and we didnt have that much in contact these past few months. She told me to open the door. At first I got scared but when I opened it it was her. "HOW THE HELL DID U FREAKING GET HERE?!?!!?!?!?" I screamed at her. "Dont worry about that" she said hugging me. When she let me go she just froze. She was the biggest directioner I know. She leaned next to me saying"Why the hell is One Direction in you apartment?I didnt tell her that One Direction lives in my apartment. She tried not to fangirl. She hugged each and everyone of them and the girls. I introduced her to the guys and the girls already knew her.
Elizabeth's P.O.V.
Can't believe I'm in a apartment with One Direction. I went to a empty room and unpacked all my clothes and Christina came in. "Hey can I tell u something?" She said. From that point on I kinda got scared. "Sure anything" I said. "Okay um so the girls are dating the guys and including me." She said. "Who's dating Harry!" I said. "Don't get mad but Alexis" she said. She came out of the room and I tried not to scream. How come I didn't know about this? I told to myself. When I came out of my room I saw all the of the guys and girls watching 50 First Dates while Sarah and Niall were eating Subway. I decided to go and watch with them. Louis screamed saying " I'm Gna go get some beer !" After the movie finished Liam and Harry told me how old I was and I said "19". They nodded and Louis came with 15 beer bottles.
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