All Her Little Things


22. My Everything...

Nialls POV
We were walking into Nandos to get something to eat and all of a sudden the girls stop. They slowly went back to the entrance door and walked out. "What's wrong guys?" Louis asked. "Um Louis love can we go somewhere else to eat we're not really comfortable in there" Christina said. " Is there someone that you guys know o-" Louis got cut off by Christina starting to slowly cry. All the girls hugged Christina while she was crying. Who was in Nandos? "Can we please go get some subway?" I asked. " Sure Nialler that's fine" Christina said wiping her tears from her cheeks. When we got to subway Louis and Christina stood back. I quickly ran in and got 2 foot long sandwiches for Sarah and I. And then the other boys got their own sandwiches with their girls.

Christina's POV

~ Flashback ~
I decided to go to the bathroom during passing periods at high school until i saw my boyfriend making out with the most popular girl in school. The other Christina with a K. Kristina.I quickly ran back to the the girls bathroom crying so hard. How can he cheat on me? I said to my self. I remembered all the memorable times we had and all the fun ones. I didn't go back to class. I stayed in the bathroom until one of my best friends walked in. Her name was Araksia. She came to my gymnastics class. She told me that it's okay and that I need better than him. I got up and it was Lunch. He came up to me and I pushed him the other side. "Get fuck out of my way bitch" I said loudly. "What's wrong babe" he said. "I saw you with Kristina" I said. "I can explain" he said. "Really? Cuz u guys were having such a wonderful time together" I said to him slapping his face.
~End of Flashback~

"Who did you see in there? Who the hell do I need to beat the fuck out of!" Louis said. "It's okay babe it was a few years ago" I said. "Who was it just tell me so I dont get too much worried" he said with his puppy face. "My ex Armen" I said. "Okay now go get a sandwich and don't u cry again" he said smushing his lips onto mine. Man. I have to forget about My ex. I think he saw me he was with Kristina with his hand around her waist. Okay whatever. I love Louis more than anyone in the whole fucking world. He's my everything. I love him and I know he loves me. *few hours later* as we got home, Louis didn't let me go at all. He carried me to my bed and he slept next to me. I feel his bare stomach on my back. "Come on" he said. I turned around he put my hair behind my ear and started kissing me as he never did before. I started kissing him back and I rolled over him touching his long brown hair. He is my everything.

*3 months later*

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