All Her Little Things


23. Living The moment..

Elizabeth's POV
It's time. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT WAKE UP HARROOOOOOLLD!" I yelled. "WHAT!" Harry said. "Olympics Opening Ceremony TODAAY!" I yelled. "Holy Fuck" he whispered. We both got up and I fixed my hair and put a little make up on. Cover up, eyeliner , mascara, and a little bit of blush. I quickly went back to my room and Harry was putting his shoes on. I glared at him for 10 seconds and shook my head to get over it. He got out of the room and went downstairs to eat breakfast? Or Lunch? It's freaking 12:30 and we have to be there at 2. I picked my outfit. Hmm. Okay so I have my sparkly gold shirt from Forever 21 and my light blue jeans with my heels. I looked at the mirror. Perfect. I put my long light brown hair over my shoulder. I looked at the clock it was 1:15. I quickly run to Christina's room she's doing her hair. "Lemme do it!" I said. "No! Can you get my Leotard and my bag with my equipment?" She said. "Sure where is it" I yelled back to her. " It's right next to my bed near the drawer!" She yelled. "Found it!!!" I yelled. "Okay I'm done does this look good?" She said. "NIGHAH you always do it marvelous now get your ass downstairs" I said. She chuckled and both of us went downstairs. All of us were ready. 1:35. "Nice" Emily said. "Okay let's get going there's a big opening ceremony that we have to be at" Harry said.

Christina's POV
I was nervous. I was excited. I was confident. Mixed emotions. I representing the UK because I have a passport here. Louis looked at me and then I looked at me back. "It's okay love you are going to do great and don't worry about Taylor or whoever is in your mind. I am going to be by the right beside you the whole time. I talked to the representative and they said that we can walk all together in the UK group" he said. I was in shock. "Are you kidding me??! OMG I love you so much" I said hugging him tightly. We got a hotel for us because we were lazy to drive back to our house. The hotel is close to the arena so that will work well. We got to the hotel. Bunch of fans and paparazzi snapping pics of us while going inside the hotel. We checked in the hotel and guess who the fuck is right next to us. Taylor. Great. But whatever. Louis and I got a separate room , Alexis got a separate room with Marc( I heard that he's coming ) Elizabeth got a separate room with Harry, Destinee got a separate room with Liam , Sarah got a separate room with Nialler and finally Emily got a separate room with Zayn. We unpacked all of our stuff. I slept for like 30-40 minutes and woke up it was 4. Shit! I woke up Louis who was tired and was sleeping next to me. Awe! He was so cute when he sleeps. I woke him up and we went to wake everyone else up. We got to the car and we drove to the arena.
~few hours later~
" you guys are going to start walking with the group as they start and say 'United Kingdom' then you get to the small circle okay" said the instructor. "Yes ma'm" Louis said. We started walking and the crowd was going wild. All the girls were recording with their phones and I just wanted to live the moment with Louis right next to me waving and looking at me with his beautiful eyes. I heard the crowd saying " Kiss kiss kiss!" And of course we kissed and it was on camera. But it wasn't like any other kiss it was a magical one. I looked over seeing Niall and Sarah having such a wonderful time waving at the crowd and then I see the other boys and girls having such a great time. It was nice seeing my girls having such a wonderful time. I saw Taylor with the USA team but I really didn't care. I was living the moment...

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