All Her Little Things


14. Its Been A Good Day...

Emily's POV 

While I was sleeping I heard Alexis talking to someone in freaking 3 in the morning! Who could it be? She has been acting really strange lately and Harry also. I feel like they both don't want to be together. In the beginning of the situation when One Direction started living in our house I knew that Alexis and Harry had a really strong relationship towards each other and they will be forever together but since Elizabeth came to the house Harry has been acting strange. Elizabeth will be leaving in less than two weeks so everything hopefully will go back together. I decided to get up and I tip-toed to her room so I dont wake up Zayn. I opened her door really slowly. When I got in she was talking to someone and calling them "babe" alot. At the end of the conversation she said "I love you more." She looked up at me and she had a worried face on her. "Who the hell was that?Please dont tell me you are cheating on Harry if u are he deserves much better than you!!!" I said to her and went back to my room. I wasnt afraid to say that. Whoever she was talking to I swear Harry is going to beat the shit out of that guy. She came running behind me saying "Please dont tell Harry Please please." I quickly ran to my room locking the door and went back to sleep. 

Liam's POV

I woke up next to Destinee. I got my phone and went on Twitter dayuum there was so much drama about yesterday night. And I saw #Couisforever and #Mrs.Paynebirthday was trending. Oh shit! Today was Destinees birthday! I quickly went and left a note next to Christina's bed because I trust her and Louis too. Thats like the first time I said that since like the X Factor. I quickly called Paul and he said he was on his way. He came with his black van and I quickly got 1000$. It was early in the morning so hopefully no fans will be there. I quickly ran to the jewelry store and saw a beautiful ring that she will love. I bought it and quickly ran back to the van. I got home and thank god Destinee was still sleeping and Sarah and Niall were up eating, of course.. 

Destinee's POV

When I woke up Liam was not next to me. I got scared but he left me a text saying "Be back in half hour" 30 minutes ago so hopefully he's home downstairs. I texted "Are you home now babe?" "Yes love xx" he replied. I got up from my bed and got dressed I wore some pink sweats from Victorias Secret and a white shirt that said "LOVE" in big black bold letters. When I got downstairs I almost had a heart attack for two seconds but then everybody came out behind the couch yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESTINEE!" "OMG! I LOVE YOU GUUYS!" I told them. We got in a big hug and all the girls came up to me saying all their Happy Birthdays and hugging me. Christina ran back to the kitchen to get the cake and it was my favorite Double Chocolate Hershey Cake! "Cake time" said Christina. "All I heard was cake!" screamed Niall. I chuckled. After I blew all my candles everybody clapped and Liam came and smushed his lips to mine and said"Happy Birthday Love." "Thank you" i smiled. He took out a small box and he opened it. It was beautiful. The way it sparkled. I quickly looked into his eyes and kissed him and I dont how much and I didnt care. I went on twitter and tweeted saying "Thanks guys! This has been such a wonderful bday so far! Plus my babe got me something love u boyfriend! @Real_Liam_Payne xx" and I took a pic of the ring.I decided not to go outside because I didnt want anything bad to happen. 

*2 weeks later*

Sorry this chapter is a bit boring! Luv ya guys! xoxo-bellz 


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