All Her Little Things


7. Having A Little Too Much Fun?

Sarah's POV
So Louis came in with some beer and everyone drank. Pretty much we were all drunk. All the guys carried the girls bridal style and threw them us in the pool. When we got out we pushed them into the pool. "Aha revenge," I said laughing. They got out and we went in and I went and got some towels for us. I saw Elizabeth just sitting on the couch watching TV and a beer bottle in her hand. I went next to her saying "why aren't u having fun?" "Cuz u guys are all couples and I'm like a loner by the corner." She said. I looked at her and went back to my room. Niall was in my room looking at me and came to my carrying me to the bed and he grabbed the covers over our heads. He kissed me. "That's enough babe", I said. I turned around and he grabbed me by the stomach holding my body to his chest.
Nialls POV
I woke up next to Sarah and I didn't want to move at all. I kissed her forehead and she opened her eyes. She looked at me saying"What time is it?" "Um it's 11," I said. She got up and so did I.
Destinees POV
I got up next to Liam hugging me in his bed. I don't remember anything from last night. Did me and Liam make out? Did we sleep together? When he got up he smiled me kissing my lips. I seriously don't what happened. Did he ask me out? "Good morning girlfriend" he said. I just went with it saying "Good morning boyfriend." We got up and dressed up we saw Niall and Sarah making breakfast and I saw Harry with Alexis coming out of the room. And then I saw Louis and Christina come downstairs. But where was Elizabeth? I went to her room she wasn't there. I looked in the bathroom she wasn't there where the hell can she be?
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