All Her Little Things


11. Great.

Elizabeth's P.O.V
Yesterday was not a day for me so I'm just going to forget about it. So all the guys and girls including me are going to Christina's gymnastics place. Hope we don't get kicked out cause I've been there and sometimes her coach gets mad. I was sitting on the couch watching TV until I heard vibrating from Christina's phone it was her Assistant coach.

Christina's POV
(A:assistant coach C:Christina)
C:uh hello
A: hi Christina r u going to come to the meet?
C: wait wat? It's a meet? Coach told me it was just a meeting With the gym moms
A: I guess u got it wrong. Don't forget hair in a bun,makeup,leotard and your equipment.
C: oh okay then bye
A: bye
*phone call ended*
Wtf Am I Gna do. It's a meet. Great. My best friends never saw me do my routines and so did One Direction. For me it was really important. I quickly went upstairs got my hair and makeup ready and got my bag and my leotard and went downstairs. " I thought it was just a meeting" said Destinee. "Turns out its a meet" I Said. "You're Gna get first right?" Said Louis. "I'll try" I said smiling at him.

Talisa's P.O.V.

I had to go to this rhythmic gymnastics meet for my new story for the paper. Yeah..... I'm a journalist. I love writing! Anyways..... I've been doing this since I turned 17. When I went into the gym i saw all the gymnasts walking in. I heard that the famous Olympic champion (Christina Amiryan) was going to be here so I had to get my photos. When she walked in there were so many paps more than usual. When one direction came in everybody ran and asked for autographs from them and Christina. It was chaos.
Destinees POV
So many freaking paps there. Thank god there were security guards there. When we finally got in the boys and the girls had our little VIP sitting area while Christina went to her warm up area. Christina was coming in 30 min onto the stage. Louis looked so excited and really wanted to know what was going to happen.
Louis's POV
Can't wait to watch Christina to perform. The reason I came here is because I love her and I want to support her. "Next up on stage Christina amiryan" said the speaker. Everybody screamed while she saluted and started her routine. She looked beautiful in that stage. First was her hoop routine. It was perfect. She got a 18.9 . She looked confident. She stole the meet. After all her routines it was time for me to stand up and do something in front of everyone in the world.

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