All Her Little Things


19. First Practice

Christina's POV
I ran downstairs as fast as I can. Great. I was late for my first Olympic Champions Practice. I got my car keys and headed to the car with a toast in my hand and my bag in the other. I texted Louis and the girls that I was headed to practice. As soon as I got to my gym my coach came up to me. She usually doesn't do anything for a normal practice but for this . "Why are you late young lady!" She yelled. "Um I woke up late sorry coach won't happen again" I said to her. "Okay hopefully" she said. When I turned around I saw that gymnast that I always hated her. I hated her guts. She was one little bi- "hi Christina how are you! I heard that you are dating Louis Tomlinson! " she screamed into my face. Her name was Taylor.

It was my last routine for my 2004 Olympics and I have to try my best. It was the toss that I always got scared of. The Last One. I quickly did my perfect turn and as soon as I got my hoop I tripped and I broke my ankle. In that moment, I forgot everything it was just me and the carpet. My coach came running into the carpet. My eyes all blurred out by my tears. When I turned around I saw Taylor laughing at Me. I couldn't walk and everyone was clapping for me all my fans. I loved them very much but when I saw Taylor Laughing I wanted to punch her. That Olympics I got 3rd while seeing Taylor on top of the podium.

~End of flashback~

"Uh yea I am" I said disgusted to her. I quickly went to put my bag away and went to get two chairs to do my over split. I got my clubs and I started to go down and I wanted to cry at that moment. When I was done I quickly got up did a short warm-up. After that I saw Harry and Louis walking in. Everybody had this shocked face on. Taylor quickly went up to Harry and started flirting with him until I went up to them and tapped Taylor on the shoulder saying " Go until I bitch slap you so hard and I think you know that Harry has a girlfriend." She went away rolling her eyes. "Get back to work girls!" my coach said. "Pick me up at 3:30" I said to Louis. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and he went. It was still 10 am and I have tons of work to do on my routines. I decided to go do some ballet.

*few hours later*
It was 1 o'clock and I'm sweating and working my ass off. As soon as I blinked it was 3:30 already. I got up got ready and stood by the door until Louis and Harry came. "Hey love how was gym practice today?" Louis said. "It was fine" I said back. "Mind if we go get something to eat?" I said. "Nope what do you want?" Harry said. "How about Nandos?" "Sure " Louis said. I went on my phone and went on twitter I got 300 hundred more followers and OMG Justin Bieber just followed me! I tried not to scream. When we got to Nandos I saw Taylor there. "Let's go back home I lost my appetite" I whispered to Louis. "Fine with me" said Louis. We quickly went back to the car and drove back home. "So wanna tell me about the past between You and Taylor?" Louis asked. "I don't wanna talk about it." I said. She was such a whore. I quickly went upstairs and took a shower when I got out I forgot my clothes. "Shoot!" I quickly ran into my room with a towel around my body. I got out and thank god nobody saw me. When I came downstairs I saw Louis with bunch of beer bottles.

Thanks guys for reading! Don't forget to follow me on twitter @everybodaytalks !! Sorry this chapter was short! LUV ya ma unicorns! Btw I got my first kiss today.��
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