All Her Little Things


5. Exposed.

Liam's P.O.V.

I woke up and it was 10 o'clock. I woke up all the girls and guys. We told them that we had an interview and we have to be there at 12. They all said "Okay". Shit! But we need someone to take us. "Guys I have a car I will drive u guys there" Christina said.Then all the girls decided to come. It might not be that bad. 

Destinee's P.O.V.

So we decided to go to the interview with the guys but not like be visible.haha All the gurls and I went upstairs to dress up and fix our hair and makeup. It was almost 11 and all of us came down the stairs. Christina was wearing a yellow playful dress with some Toms, Sarah was wearing a red pants with a MTV Shirt and some converse shoes, Emily was wearing a short summer dress with some Vans, Alexis was wearing a cute white top with stripes and some white pants with open toed sandals and I was wearing just a simple shirt with a leather jacket with some jeans and heels. When we came down the guys were staring at us like we just came down from heaven. Okay I will admit that I like Liam and he's so nice to me and caring.. 

Christina's P.O.V. 

When we came down, I quickly got my keys and we all headed to my car. When we got there the boys all gave hugs and kisses and went.There were so many paparazzi.  The gurls and I went to find a parking. When we came out of the car we went in with the back door so Paul cant see us . He will think that we're fans. Louis came out saying "What are u guys doing? Get in here!" "But Paul will catch us," said Emily. "I will let him know that you girls are best friends with us" he said. We got in and we saw the studio and all of the guys were there sitting down except Louis. He went up to Paul explaining everything and kind of gave a dirty look to us. But eh its okay. When the interview started, the interviewer started asking questions about careers and stuff..All the girls were biting our nails cuz of one question "So are you guys dating anyone?" said the interviewer. "Shit" i whispered. Louis winked at me and said"Well yes if you put it that way.'' The interviewer looked at us and smiled at all 5 of us. "Well come in " the interviewer said. Paul looked at us mouthing us to go. When we went in the studio Alexis sat next to Harry,Emily sat next to Zayn, Sarah sat next to Niall, Destinee sat next to Liam,and finally I sat next to Louis. He hugged me and kissed me by the cheek and after that all the guys did that to their own girl. The interviewer started asking questions about us. And finaallly the interview ended. While we came out the guys were holding hands with us and there were so many fans and paps taking photos. We finally got home and got a call from my friend Elizabeth...



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