All Her Little Things


12. Eh?

Nialls POV
Wow! Christina did AMAZING! After her performance there were many paps all around her. They were asking a bunch of questions. When Christina came with us a journalist came to us wanting autographs. She looked around 18 or 19. Her name was Talisa. "Congrats Christina you did amazing. That's defiantly going on the papers" she said smiling. "Thanks" said Christina.
Damn there were a lot of paps. After my performance a journalist came up to me saying I did good and congrats. I smiled and she went. Louis went running to my warm up area and the gang stayed back. He came up to me kissing me on the lips and said" You did great love." I smiled and said "thanks." That moment we kissed all the paps got the picture. He reached for his back pocket. For a moment I thought he was going to ask me to marry him but he didn't. He gave me a promise ring. It was beautiful. I kissed him again saying "You are the best boyfriend anyone can have." He smiled and we headed to the car. Paps took so many. It was already all over the magazines and E! News that Louis and I were dating and he gave me a promise ring. He meant the world to me. The promise ring as so beautiful. Looks like Talisa and I were going to be good friends. We switched numbers on our phones and she said she will call me soon.
Talisas POV
I turned on the TV there was Christina and Louis holding hands walking and all of a sudden it showed something that was unbelievable and I knew it was the time to call her. Phone call conversation: ( t:Talisa C: Christina)
C:uh hello?
T: hi it's Talisa are u watching the news
C: oh hey! And um no why?
T: there talking about You and Louis and um.
C: what? Tell me.
T: Alas and Harry
C: OMG are u KIDDDING me?
T: nope go on channel 221
C: okay
T: did u?
*phone call ended*

Thanks guys for the views! Stay tuned for next chapter! Xoxo- bellz❤
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