I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


19. This Good Sex

*WARNING; This chapter gets heated so read at your own risk:3*

Fay's pov:

To: Mauviieeeee:)

Hey! Come visit us at my flat this weekend! I'm having a party and I really want you to come. Please?!

From: Mauviieeeee:)

Ugh. Do I have to? I don't think i'll be able to face Lou after what I did...

To: Mauviieeeee:)

It'll be fine! For me?:):):)

From: Mauviieeeee:) 

Okay.. Fine. Pick me up at the airport tomorrow. Love yaXX

To: Mauviieeeee:)

YAY! Will do! ByeeeeeeeXXX


"She's coming!" I yelled fist pumping the air then falling back in my bed. "Yes!" Zayn yelled trowing himself beside me. "Lou will be happy" I smiled to Zayn. "Yeah he will be."  Zayn agreed then kissed me. "I need a shower." I mumbled in between pecks.

"Okay, shall I join?" He asked biting his lip. "Of course." I grinned and he instantly picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist kissing him passionately. He slammed me against the bathroom wall and deepened the kiss and I grinded my body against his.

He let out a soft moan and I released my self from his grip, ripping my pink satin nighty off revealing my toned stomach and matching leopard print bra and panty. He slid his shirt off, bottoms and boxers and attacked my lips again. "

Man, I missed this good sex" I thought to myself as he removed my remaining clothing. He kissed my neck and sucked on my skin long enough to leave a bright red hickey. I turned the water on and pulled Zayn in after me. I threw my head back and let the water patter on my breasts as Zayn kissed my stomach.

He moved back to my lips and bit my bottom lip ocasionaly. Our lips moved in sync and our tounges battled for control. He moved his hand down to my center and rubbed. I moaned loudly and I felt him smirk into the kiss. "Say my name baby" He whipsered in between kissed under my ear. "Z-ZAYN!" I shrieked my voice full of pleasure as he inserted a finger, teasing me. He then shoved his second finger in then his third. I moaned even louder and called his name out in moans.

He removed his fingers and ran them across my lips. I licked my lips hungrily and ran my hands down his 6-pack and traced his v-line. With that he forced himself into me and then moaned with pleasure. "Oh yes Zayn.." I sighed and kissed him passionetly. The cascading water dripped down our body's and Zayn thrusted harder each time.

I breathed hard on Zayns neck and smiled as he finally removed himself out of me. "Holy crap that was good" I gasped. He looked down and water dripped onto my face. "I love you. You know that?" He breathed. "I love you too" I answered and crashed my lips against his.

His hands held my face and he broke off the kiss and embraced me. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes in content. He eventually stepped out of the shower leaving me to clean myself up for dinner were having with the boys and their girls.

I ran conditioner through each strand of hair and massaged my head. I touched my lips with a smile and closed my eyes. The water washed the conditioner out and I could smell Zayn's scent lingering on my body. I stepped out of the shower and turned the faucet off. I wrapped a soft towel around myself and tucked the end in. I walked into my closet and carefully selected my clothing.

"Not too dressy, not too casual" I reminded myself and flicked through my clothing. I slid a black thong on and a nude push up bra on too.

(Outfit shes wearing above)


I walked out and saw Zayn scrolling through his phone and I cleared my throat. He looked up then a smile cracked on his face.

"You look absolutely beautiful" He smiled emphasizing beautiful.

"You look pretty fine yourself" I winked and flicked my red hair over my shoulder. When I say he looks fine, I mean he looks fine. He wore a simple black tux with a white undershirt and a black tie. black dress shoes and his hair perfectly swished to the side.

I pecked his cheek the snatched my gold clutch off the counter and slid my phone into it ignoring the twitter notifications. He opened the door for me and I nodded my thank you. I saw a limo already waiting and the door dude opened it for me. I slid in and a round of hellos were thrown across the room.

I looked at the girls and let out a huff of relief. Looks like i'm dressed just fine. "Harry wheres Caitlynn?" I asked him curiously. "In Mexico. She moved there and broke up with me" He grumbled.

"Aweh Haz!" I frowned and sat myself beside him and gave him a big hug. "Thanks love" He smiled. I smiled back and looked at all the chattering happening. Liam was getting cozy with Ella who gave me a friendly wave. I waved back and saw Zayn and Niall in a conversation. I managed to catch the words, 'Hot' and 'Not Here' "That sounds promising." I though to myself sarcastically.

The limo stopped once again then Louis got in with a girl on his arm. "Hey guys!" He said cheerily. "Who's this?" Niall asked giving Louis a look. "Ladies and gentlemen. This is Eleanor Calder" He said in a weird voice. She giggled and shyly waved.

"I'm Fay!" I instantly introduced myself and patted the spare spot beside me. She smiled thankfully and sat beside me. "So your the lucky  girl huh?" I smiled warmly. "I guess so" She answered with a little laugh.

"So tell me about yourself" I said proping my head up with my hand on my knees. "I go to the University Of Manchester, my favorite color is blue, I like carrots a lot um, I like to think I'm pretty laid-back and funny, but i'm honestly just a loser" She laughed. I laughed along with her and we just talked about everything. "So your with Zayn am I right?" She asked sweetly. "Yes I am and Ella's with Liam in case you havn't noticed" I said gesturing to the snogging couple. "I noticed." She laughed.

We got to the resturaunt and once we got out of the limo, about 15 girls ran to us asking the boys for autographs and pictures. Eleanor looked utterly stunned at all the attention Louis was getting and I put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "You get used to it." Ella informed her. She nodded but, bit her lip. 

"We might as well go get our seats" Ella sighed and walked inside with us close behind her. We were seated and the boys walked in with smiled on their faces. "Why so smiley?" Eleanor asked with a sarcastic scoff. "They're so happy!" Zayn smiled and sat beside me pecking my lips. 

"I love making them smile" Niall added sitting beside Harry. Liam kissed Ellas cheek sweetly and she smiled and put her hand over his once he was seated. "Their so cute" I whispered to Eleanor, nodding towards Liam and Ella. "I know.. I love them" She agreed and then turned to give Louis a kiss.

I looked across the table to see Niall and Harry having a staring contest. Harry started moving closer and closer to Niall, then Harry got a unexpected slap on the face. I bursted out laughing and everyone else looked at me with weird looks except for Niall and Harry who started making faces at me, which only caused me to laugh even harder.

I covered my mouth with my hand and stuttered "S-Stop!" And rested my head on the table laughing I looked up at Niall and Harry who finally stopped and were laughing their asses off. "I hate you!" I shouted across the table.

Harry put a hand to his heart and pretended I hurt him. "Ah" He breathed. Niall pretended he was crying and I thought "No wonder this idiots don't have girlfriends" "Stop!" I pouted. They stopped and silently laughed.

"What was that about?" Louis asked poking his head behind Eleanor. "Ask them!" I shouted. Everyone shrugged and went back to eating.

***Skipping the rest of dinner***

"Bye! And thanks for your number!" Eleanor called out and waved. "No problem!" I shouted back and brushed the hair out of my face. Zayn grabbed my hand and swung me against him and kissed me. I smiled and then we walked inside. I locked the door behind me and pulled my shoes off.

"Ugh these were killing me!" I groaned and started removing my jewelry. "They looked great though" Zayn said from our bedroom. I chuckled to myself and stripped out of my clothes. I washed my makeup off and pulled on my 'Hello Kitty' Bootie shorts and matching tank.

I snuggled under the covers in bed and the light turned off. Zayn hopped in bed beside me and pulled me close. "Goodnight babe" He whispered and kissed the top of my head. "Night"  I answered and laid my head on his chest, instantly soothed my his smell and him playing with my hair. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

The only thing i've ever wanted.

Authors note: 

AHHHHH! There ya go guysss:) I made this chapter extra long just for you babes:3 

This is it. One more chapter left!!!!! The final chapter will be much longer so prepare yourselves... Heres a little preview;)


"You are what?!" Ed gasped to me.

"Ed I know you love them like your brothers, but they have done so much to me, I need to give them pay back." I shouted to him angrily, my eyes dark.

"Garrett.. What the hell happened that makes you feel so strongly about them?" He asked calming himself.

Hear Garretts side of the story.... Has One Direction been the bad guys all along? 

"ZAYN!!!!" I screamed as he was thrown in the air.

Will the love of Fay's life be killed? 

"No.. This keeps happening to everyone I know.. You guys are all better off without me." I swallowed leaving everyone in tears.

"Fay!" I heard a single voice call out. I ignored the voice and kept walking letting a single tear roll down my cheek.

What will happen to the boys. 

The girls.


Find out in- 'The Final Chapter Part 1 and 2'

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