I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


20. the final chapter pt 1

Garretts pov:

I snapped my bag shut and walked into the country club resturaunt I was meeting Ed at. "Country club? Ew." I thought to myself shamelesly. I suddenly felt over dressed for the ocassion.

Girls walked around in shorts so short half their ass hung out. I saw Ed and quickly weaved through all the sluts and sat myself down beside him. He glanced up from his journal he was scarching in with a pencil and smiled.

"Hey babe!" He said and planted a kiss on my lips. "Hey. What are you writing?" I asked leaning over to take a peek. "Oh nothing!" He said snapping it shut and shoving it in his backpack. "Oh.. Okay" I said bitting my lip.

"Hoe hoe hoe! It feels like Christmas in here! Theres hoes everyhere!" I said glancing around the room. He laughed at my joke and put a hand on my bare knee. "That one gets me everytime. Wait until Niall and Harry hear that one!" He chuckled refering to the two out of five members of One Direction.

I gave him a tight smile attempting not to show my hate for them. "You don't look to good." I said furrowing his eyebrows. "No i'm fine!" I assured him resting my hand on his knee. "No you're not" He pressed. "I'm sorry!" I gasped and ran a hand through my hair.

"Come on." He said and led me through winding halls and into a room. He sat on the bed and I settled beside him. "What's on you're mind. Every time I mention any of the guys you go white. Why?" He asked gentley.

"Be-because I hate them!" I sputtered. Shock grew on his face then he said, "You've never met them.." "I have. I have a good reson to hate those dicks." I growled letting my anger take over me.

"Babe-" He started, but I cut him off yelling "Don't 'Babe' me! You don't have any idea what they have done to me and made me suffer. They act like they have never done anything wrong, but it's a lie Ed."

"Tell me." He said in a straight tone. "What?" I asked in utter dis-belief. "Tell me what they did to you." He said giving me a look that showed no emotion. "It's a long story." I finally sighed sitting in a chair across from him.

"I have noting better to do" He shrugged and I let out a chuckle. "It started in the X-Factor"


"Next up is Garret Jones" A stage person yelled. I got up out of my seat and straightened my glasses with thick lenses and smoothed my plaid pleated skirt and red polo. I walked shyly past everyone who's eyes were on me.

I heard a snicker and I turned to see a curly haired boy laughing at me. I shook it off and continued on through the seating area. I heard multiple sneers and by the time I was  bout to go on, 5 people had made fun of me already. A blonde, tan one, curly haired one, shaggy hair and a boy in a beanie with long hair. I got on stage and bit my lip.

Cheers aroused throughout the building and I stopped on the 'X'. "Hello whats your name?" Nicole asked sweetly. "I'm Garret Jones" I answered quietly and fixed my glasses. "What are you going to be singing for us?" Simon asked in a bored tone. "Ah uhm Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis" I stuttered and Simon let out a whistle.

"Good luck" He added. The music began and I let my voice take me over. I looked out and everyones jaw's were dropped. I got through the song and finally when it came to the high and long note, my voice soared and by the time the song was over, everyone was on their feet.

"That was absoloutley incredible" Simon said in dis-belief. "Thanks." I smiled brightly. "Once you started singing, you weren't the shy and awkward girl you were. You moved the crowd and honey, that stage was yours. Best performance I have seen so far." Nicole said emphasizing every word. "Thank you so much!" I laughed. I ended up getting 4 yes' and got to bootcamp.

When the performance came when you sang in front of the all the singers, I chose 'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder. I began singing and the boys who laughed at me in the auditions had teamed up and were saying comments quietly enough so only I could hear.

I started to mess up my words and the judges had the most disapointed looks I've ever seen. They stopped me and I was kicked out of the competition and my career and dreams ended.


"I remeber going home that day and just sobbing into my pillow all night. My dream was destroyed because of them and everyday at school I was constantly bullied and then finally my parents shipped me off to a prep school and I was never the same after that." I finished, tears streaming down my face.

I glanced at Ed and he had a look of pain and sorrow for me. He walked over to me and let me sob into his chest. "It's okay babe" He soothed and set me on his lap. Once I finished crying I sat up and looked and Ed in the eyes.

"I'm bombing their house." I said calmly. "You are what?!" He gasped to me abruptly standing up. "Ed I know you love them like brothers. but they have done so much to me and I need to give them payback." I shouted to him angrily my eyes going dark.

"No Garrett please don't.. You and I both know you'll regret this" He said putting a hand on my shoulder. "I want to think that Ed." I said giving him a longing look then ripping myself out of his grip coldly, leaving him.

"I hope you can forgive me." I whispered and blinked back tears.


Fay's pov:

Zayn walked inside and set down multiple cases of alchoal. "Thats alot!" I pointed out. "I know" He smiled and kissed me. I sighed and started putting the drinks in coolers. "What time will everyone be here at?" I asked Zayn. "About 6:30" He answered and started putting away laundry.

"Okay. Should I start cooking some food?" I asked. "No Marine is doing it downstairs." He said and then finished up last minute cleaning. "It's already 5:00, you should start getting ready babe" He said giving me a smirk. "Okay. You should too" I smirked right back.

He laughed and walked into the downstairs bathroom for a shower. I made my way to my bathroom and started the shower, quietly humming 'Chasing Cars'. I got into the shower and cleaned myself up then changed into my outfit for the party. I did my hair and make-up then looked at the time. 6:35. "Shit" I muttered and slid on my shoes.

I speed-walked down the stairs and saw a huge crowd of people already here, drinking, eating and dancing. I looked around for Zayn and the other boys, but I found nobody. I walked through the crowd then the boys walked in with their girls on their arms.

"Fay!" Eleanor shrieked and ran towards me. "El!" I yelled and hugged her. "This is gonna be fun!" She grinned madly. "Oh I know. Any party Zayn throws is always the best!" I laughed and linked arms with her.

"Hey Fay! Stop stealing my girlfriend!" Louis yelled to me over the pumping music. I just fingered him and walked off with El. We got drinks and started dancing. Louis found her and they started grinding. I laughed and looked over to see Ella and Liam gettting dirty. "That girl brings out a side of Liam that you don't see everyday." I though outloud to myself.

"Have you seen Zayn?" I asked Niall and Harry once I reached them at the food table. "Yeah he went outside for a smoke." Niall answered. "Okay thanks!" I smiled and pecked his cheek. "What about me?" Harry asked tapping his cheek. "You didn't give me a answer." I smirked and walked outside.

I looked around, but I couldn't see him. I ran back inside and shouted to Niall and Harry, "He's not there!" And they furrowed their eyebrows then walked out with me. We looked around, but Zayn was nowhere to be found. "I'll go get the other boys" Niall announced and ran inside. He came back with Liam, Ella, El and Louis who had worried looks across their faces.

I squinted my eyes into the foggy distance then gasped. "I think that's him!" I yelled pointing to a shadowy figure. "Let's go!" Liam said and we all took off towards him. We got to the figure and It was Zayn, tied up to a chair. "Holy fuck. Who did this to you?!" I asked hurridly. "Garret. She wants to give us payback." He sighed giving the boys' a look. "What did you do?" I asked holding his hand. "Ruined her life." He said and bit his lip.

"Wha-" I started then was cut off by a loud 'boom' and we were thrown into the air.


Their you go guys! The final chapter part 1! I'm so sorry this took so long, you know me! I get busy all the time. So I hope you guys like this chapter and are excited for the next one! Love youuXX


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