I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


6. save him

~Fayanna's pov~

Me and Zayn walked into the waiting room, our hands together and grins on our faces. Our smiles dissapeared when we saw a horrible sight. Everyone was in tears. "What happened?" I asked with tears growing and a lump in my throat. "They don't think they can save him" Harry choked out then burst into tears. "What?" Zayn asked wit craks in his manley voice. I burst out into tears and fell down. "Doll.." Zayn trailed off before bursting into tears and walking away from me. I laid down on my back and sobbed. I heard footsteps coming and I looked up and saw Louis and Liam picking me up, with tear stained faces. I leaned on them and they settled me down on the couch. "Louis... you never cry over Niall." Harry started. "I know.. I never treated him the same way I did with all of you.. I treated him horribly" He sobbed. Harry started crying too. "Was Liam the closest to him?" I finally asked. "Yes love.. I was the only one who would go with him to Nando's almost everyday" Liam smiled with tears running down his face. "He was the only one who would hang out with him non-stop" Zayn said as he came walking back. "The last thing we did together... was fight." Louis choked out and fell into Harry. I felt tears coming on. "I have an Idea"  I decided and motioned for them to follow me. They all got up and followed me to the secretairys desk. "Niall Horan" I said and she handed me a card. He was in room 109. We walked to room 109 and stopped in the door way. The guys all started crying at Nialls sight. I felt tears running don my face too as I looked at Niall. He had his whole upper body bandaged, 5 tubes inserted in each arm with fluids running into him. He was sound asleep with uneven breathiing. The heart monitor beeped slowly and his heart rate was low. "Go" I whispered to them shoving them into the room and beside his bed.

~Niall's pov~


I ran down the dark road with evil hisses behind me. I glanced behind me fearfully, afraid of what I would see. It is Louis, Harry and Zayn. They had evil,red eyes and evil grins. I ran faster and they easily caught up with me. I felt my lungs burning and I looked forward and Liam was cherering me on to get to saftey. Then I heard a gunshot and I fell. I felt my side and I was bleeding heavily. I looked at where the gunshot came from and I saw Fayanna looking at me worridly. Guilt spreaded across her features and she mouthed, 'im sorry' and vanished. Liam was running towards me and I looked over and Harry, Louis and Zayn stood over me hungrily. They were about to dig their sharp teeth nto me them they vanished, so did Liam. I was all alone, dying. "Niall..... Im so sorry I have never treated you right" I heard Louis say to me. "I-I treated you like you were low and not worthy to be in One Direction.." Louis continued. "It was the same for me lad." Zayn agreed quietly. "I wish I was more caring towards you.. more brotherly towards you and I wish I treated you like my bestfriend." Harry sobbed into my shoulder. "Man, I love you so much" Liam said, I could practically see his weak smile spread across his face. "This is all my fault!" Fayanna choked out and burst into tears. "Man, I love you, If you survive... I swear to god, to Elenor, to my life, to my family that I will treat you way better and love you" Louis choked out. Murmers of agreement were shared around the room. "Im sorry" They all chorused and tears stained my body as they all threw their heads on me and hugged me. I was about to open my eyes then I felt like I was drowning, closing down with no escape. This can't be my time. It can't. After all of that! I need to wake up and be happier than ever, I need to finally live life to the fullest. "HELP!" I screamed mentally. "SOMEONE HELP ME" "guys.... get a doctor" Liam breathed. "Why?" Zayn asked. "HE'S DYING!" Liam screamed and everyone jumped up. "IM GOING!" Harry screamed and ran out the room. "Lad, you can do it! Pull through this" Louis said despratly as he grasped my frail hand in his strong hand. I heard my heart monitor slowing and I felt a fresh tear plop onto my face, and roll down onto my chest. I heard about 10 peoples footsteps stomping into my room. "CLEAR OUT" Someone screamed and Louis was pulled away from me. "Save him..." Zayn pleaded. "I will do my best." He ansered. "Their is nothing you can do!" I wanted to scream to them. "Im going to die." I wanted to whisper out. This is my time. My heart stopped beating, my body shut down, my brain shut down and everything went black.

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