I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


22. Possible sequal????

Hi everyone! It's been a while! How y'all doing? good I hope!! 

Okay, let me just skip right to the point. I have been receiving a certain amount of requests to produce a sequel... I'm not gonna lie by saying I don't want to, because truth is, i kinda want to. But I will not spend my time writing for nobody, so I need to find out who wants a sequel & who will read it.

So please comment below if you want me to, & if you feel like it, also comment what you hope to see in the possible sequal. okay thank you & i will update you all soon!!! xxx

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