I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


4. moving on


"HEY!GET UP YOU LAZY ASSES!" I screamed to my 'hunchmen' "Were coming boss." Grover groaned to me and Pheonix, Hannah, Benjamin and Cinna nodded and stood up and faced me. We had our disguises on and we were ready to raid Felix Reid's house and get the direction boys. "Guns ready!" I yelled to them "CHARGE!" We kicked the doors open and began shooting. We stopped and nobody was home. "SHIT!! They fucking relocated!! Fuck this!" I screamed and walked out the door to our van. "This is so fucked up!" I screamed. I punched the side of our dented up van from my previous hits, drawing blood. I paced back-and-forth then got into the van. "GET IN!" I yelled at them and they hopped in. I sped out of the drive-way skidding side-to-side.


I walked down the stairs to let them come-out for the first time in a few days. I pushed the door open and motioned to the guys for them to follow me. "Where are we going?" Niall asked sleepiy. "To get you guys real rooms" I said matter-of-factly. They nodded and followed me out the door and up the stairs. We reached the top of the stairs and they sheiled their eyes.  "Its so bright!" Harry said angrily. I rolled my eyes and sent them down a hallway. "Choose your rooms!" I shouted to them and they charged down the hall pushing eachother aside to get through. I laughed and walked to the kitchen. The sun beat down onto my fair skin as I stood infront of the window gazing at my brother on his phone, speaking to mum. I smiled and pushed my bangs aside looking at the ground. I glanced back through the window and Felix was gone. I sighed and turned around to grab some pain killers. I swallowed a few and walked into my bedroom to get changed. I put on my grey linnie romper, with white flats and a gold, chain heart necklace that hung low. I put my pajamas in my laundry basket and grabbed my straightner. I straigtened my hair and braidee my bangs to the side. I walked out of my room, closing my door tightly behind me. I walked into the kitchen to find the guys talking. They hadn't noticed me yet so I his around the corner a few steps back. "When do you think were going to leave?" I heard Niall ask them. "not too soon I hope!" Zayn replied. "Why don't you want to leave?" Liam asked suspiciously. "Because Fay's hot" He said, I could practically hear him smiling. "Well She IS hot.." Harry pondered. "She is. But boys, what about our tour?" Louis added. "Shit." Niall frowned. I walked in and they turned around. I could pretty much hear Zayn and Harry's jaws dropping. I didn't make any eye contact and just grabbed sojme butter and bread. "Hungery?" I asked looking up. "YES!" Niall shouted. I giggled and grabbed some cheese. "I'll help!" Harry smiled. I nodded and he grabbed a pan. I buttered the bread and threw cheese inbetween the two pices. Harry grabbed the 3 pre-made and put them on the pan.

~15 munutes later~

We cooked 10 grilled cheese and gave them out. Niall got 3, Harry got 2. Liam got 1, Louis got 1 and a half, Zayn got 2 and I got a half. I sat down and bit into my grilled cheese. I had 2 bites and the boys were all almost half done, with an exception of Niall because he was taking his final bite. I glanced at the fridge and noticed a note. I stood up and looked at it.


I have gone into town to go get the boys their clothes. I should be back sometime tommorow afternoon. Stay on guard. Im sorry that It will be a long couple of days. Good luck.

Love Felix.

I sighed and crumpled up the note. I threw it across the room and it landed into the garbage. I cleaned up and went into the weapon room. I grabbed my hand gun and knive. I stuck them onmy belt that I put on. I walked out and secured the door and the boys were waiting patiently. "What?" I asked thwm. "What are we going to do protecter?" Louis asked jokingly. I rolled my eyes and walked out the door. They followed me in a perfect line. "I feel like shes the mum duck and were the ducklings" Louis whispered loudly. "SHUT-UP BARF-FACE" I yelled at him causing laughter. We turned a corner and I grabbed a basket-ball. I threw it to Liam who caught it and dribbled it around himself. "This is the basket ball court." I stated. They nodded and ran out to play. I stationed myself in the middle of the court on the sidelines and I watched around us.

~That night~

"BEDTIME!" I shouted from the living room. "OKAY!" They replied and went into their bedrooms. I looked into the dark kitchen and saw a shadow. My eyes went wide as I watched it approach. I stood up quietly and loaded my gun. I held it up and aimed around the corner.I stood watching the shadow draw closer and closer.I saw a hand around the corner. I shut my eyes and pulled the trigger. "AHHHGRRHH" Oh my fucking god. That sounds like Niall. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK , FUCK!" I screamed. The guys came out of their bedrooms then froze. I had tears streaming down my face and I pointed around the corner with a shaky hand. Their eyes widened as they charged around the corner. I followed them and gasped as I saw Niall laying their uncouncious with blood streaming down his side. I just shot Niall fucking Horan. Fuck me fuck me. Im a fucked up mess. I grabbed my phone and dialed Felix's cell. He picked up and his vopice rang out clearly. "I SHOT NIALL! he's unconcious!" I screamed into phone "GO TO THE GOD DAMN HOSPITAL!:" He shouted back. I hung up and took my belt off. "TO THE CAR!" I ordered. They picked Niall up and ran out to my car. I grabbed a first aid kit and ran after them. Louis started the car and I was in the back beside Liam and Harry with Zayn and Louis in the front. Niall was sprawlled across us ajnd I was pressing down on his wound with some gauze. I threw the bag at Liam and Harry. They searched through it trying to find some proper equipment. I watched Niall lay completley helpless. "HURRY UP!" I screeched. "Where?" Louis asked. I told him the directions and we were off.



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