I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


16. memories brought back to life

Louis pov:

"I'm done." Mauve stated and threw my shirt onto the ground. "No! We need you!" Harry yelled desperatly.

"You guys won't listen to a thing I say and i'm working my ass off trying to get you guys ready for this interview and everything else!" She screamed her face beet red and watery eyes.

"Babe-" I tried. "SHUT-UP. ALL OF YOU!" She yelled and stormed out of the dressing room grabbing her jacked and wallet. The room was dead silent and everyones mouth as formed on a 'O'.

"I'll go try to talk to her.." I said and ran after her.

Fay's pov:

"Hey" Zayn said and sat beside me on the couch. "Hey." I responded bluntly. "Are you okay?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah im actually pretty good right now" I laughed horsaly. "Because Mauve might not come back?" He asked. God he knows me so well.

"Yeah" I chuckled. "You think that you won't miss her, but I can see shes grown on you and everyone here." He stated looking at me with those soft eyes.

"Maybe, maybe not." I said staring back. "So I heard that you're dating Perrie now.." I said breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah i am" "Congratulations. I'm sure you're happy with her." I said then stood up and shot him a smile and walked out.

Now that the tours over we've all settled down into our own places and we thankfully haven't heard from Garret latley. I walked out onto the street and flagged down a taxi. It drove me to my flat and rain started pouring down.

I groaned and walked up to my door and rushed in. The familiar scent of home wafted into my nose and I sighed in content. I grabbed a beer out of my fridge then i heard shuffling in the spare room. My eyes widened and I slowly started creeping closer to the room I raised my gun and quyickley dashed into the room and saw Mauve packing her clothes into suitcases.

"Where are you going?" I asked in surprise. "Home." She said and shoved her dresses into another suitcase.

"What? why?" I asked frantically. "I used to love my job but now its the thing I look forward to the least. I want out." She said stopping to look at me.

"But, I enjoy your company! I'm going to miss you so much! Don't leave. You're the only family who's put up with me since you-know-when." I stated pushing my hair back.

"I know. I'm sorry. This just isn't my place right now." She whispered wheeling her suitcases out to the front door. "Mauve.. Don't leave me like mom and dad" I said letting tears slip down my face.

She looked at me and tears glistened in her eyes. "I'm not Fay.." She whimpered "You are" I cried. "I'm so sorry." She said then walked out the door.

I stood there for the lonest time then my phone rang. "Hello?" I said answering my phone. "Hey! It's Niall"

"Oh hey Ni" I said bitting my lip. "Come to my place im having a party, because I figured we might as well get the mood up so come!" He said excitedly.

Rap music boomed through the speakers in the background and I smiled. "Woudn't miss it for the world" "So you're coming? Okay see you soon!" He yelled and hung up.

~40 minutes later~

I walked up to Nialls door and heard screaming and cheers through the wall. I smiled and walked inside. I was greeted my the smell of alchohal and bodies dancing everywhere. I squirmed through the cron and walked over to the huge table of food and started shoving chips in my mouth.

"FAY!" A voice screamed excitedly. I looked toards the voice and saw Harry and Niall walking towards me with big smiles on their faces.

"You look stunning babe" Harry slurred. "Thank you" I ansered pecking his cheek. I gave Niall a bear hug and he whispered into my ear. "You look good" "Thanks Ni" I answered with a smile.

Tonight I wore light pink short shorts with light pink floral crop chiffon tank and white flats. My hair was in a side french braid and I had a french manicure. I wore clear lipgloss and my eyes had a fine line of black eyeliner with light brown eyeshadow.

Niall and Harry dragged me onto the dance floor and Caitlynn was dancing with Liams new girlfriend Ella. Harry grabbed Caitlynn's hand and pecked her cheek. A slow dance as being played and they connected their bodys and swayed back and forth.

Caitlynn had a tight dark blue dress on with a halter top and her hair was down in soft curls with her bangs french braided back. She had black pumps on and smokey makeup on.

"Hey Fay, This is Ella!" Liam said happily introducing me to Ella. "Hi, im Fay" I smiled shaking her hand. "Ella" She responed smiling. This girl was so beautiful.

She had black hair at boob length in soft waves and side bangs, not to mention her flawless skin. She is very tiny and Liam is at least 3 feet taller then her. She has plaid high waisted shorts on with a white crop top on and big hoops on. Her nose is pierced and she had a hoop on her nose also. She has cat eye makeup on and bright red lips.

Her and Liam danced together and Niall grabbed my hand pulling me into his chest. "Ella seems so nice" I stated looking up to Niall. "She is the nicest person ever. Her and Liam are meant to be." He smiled at me.

"Yeah i'm sure they are." I agreed. I looked to the side and my jaw dropped. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked looked where I was looking. "Zayn and Perrie.." I trailed off. "You still love him don't you" He whispered.

"Yeah I do. I  don't want to, but I can't help it." I sighed and blinked back tears as they kissed passionetly. "Tell him." Niall ordered. "What?" I asked surprised. "Tell him! Don't loose him again" Niall said and spinned me. "Fine Mr. Bossy" I giggled.

"I'M bossy?!" Niall yelled. "Ha ha very funny" I smirked stiffling laughter. "It's very funny" He said and laughed along with me. He walked me to the bar and we bought a crap load of shots and started taking them without stopping.

By the time we finished all of them, we were wasted. We walked out onto the street and a taxi stopped for us. "My place" I laughed saying back and forth. "Where is that..?" He asked clearly annoyed. "Uh I think its 456 Santiago boulevard!" I yelled then dove into the taxi with Niall right behind me. The taxi dropped us off at my house and once we were in, we went to bed.


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