I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


15. Louis and Mauve

Mauve's pov:

We arrived in L.A. Where we would be staying for a long time in a flat all of us together. Felix and Paul will be next-door and i'm with the boys and Fay.

I slid into the washroom in the bus as quietly as I could careful not to wake up Zayn and Liam. I quickly showered and changed into a 'Beloved' teal pleated skirt that I pulled up to my bellybutton and tucked in a white baggy wife-beater tank-top.

I did a super messy side french braid and put a teal flower in the side. I put on a light brown eyeshadow with mascara and a thin line of eyeliner on the top lid. I put on clear lipgloss and a pair of black, strappy TOMS. I sneaked into the kitchen and snatched my phone of the charger.

Message from: FELIX<3

Hey. You guys can go into the flat now. Love yaXX



Message to: FELIX<3

Okay thanks bb;) Love ya moreXX


I sent the message then Liam and Zayn staggered into the kitchen.

"Have a good sleep?" I asked tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Just lovley." Zayn yawned.

"We can go into the new flat now so get ready!" I cheered, clapping.

"Okay..." Liam agreed reluctantly then walked to the dressers along with Zayn.


They came out and we walked out the door. We were greeted my birds chirping and the hot sun beating down on us.

"This flat is beautiful" I breathed looking at the white house with vines growing up the chimney and around windows.

"Yeah. I hope there's a pool!" Zayn said excitedly.

"There BETTER be a pool." Liam yelled then I heard a slash and laughter.

The boys raced inside and I speed walked behind them as fast as my heels would alow me.

I looked inside and quickly took the house in. Polished floors, marble counter-tops, expensive furniture and huge TV. This is the life.

I walked into the backyard and everyone was drinking beer and swiming. Zayn stripped down and he had trunks on underneath. Smart boy. Liam ran past me and I instantly knew that he left to get a swinsuit on.

"Mauve!" Louis called.

"Yes?" I asked sweetly.

"Get a swinsuit on! The waters great!" He yelled from the pool.

"If you insist!" I smiled and walked back to the tourbus.

Liam jumped out, crashing me down to the ground.

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized getting on his knees, helping me up.

We got up and I groaned.

"Now I have a sore ass" I said to him.

"Want me to kiss it better?" He joked.

"Defenitly." I laughed then walked in.

"Want me to wait for you?"He asked from outside.

"Of course not. Go have fun!" I called.

I heard him patter off and I let out a sigh. I stripped down and slid on a hot pink bandeau style bikini and wrapped a towel around my body. I put my heels on again and walked into the house.

 I walked outside and I could basically hear Fay roll her eyes when I removed my towel.

"Look at that body" I heard Louis whistle jokingly. In response I rubbed my slender tummy and legs, sticking my tounge out. I took of my shoes and put my sunglasses on laying on a chair.

"You better get your butt in here." Niall yelled. "Or Louis will come and throw you in!"

"He won't do that." I smirked closing my eyes.

"But I think he will Harry yelled then I felt strong arms easily pick me up off my seat. I carried me towards the pool and acted as though I only weighed like a feather. I thrashed around and I could hear everyone laughing and snickering.

"LOUIS!" I gasped. "Let me go!" I screamed helplessly and laughed.

He stopped at the edge of the pool and looked down at me smiling. His hair dripped water onto me and then he dropped me into the pool.

Last minute I snatched his arm, pulling him in with me. I went down and hit the bottom of the pool, still holding Louis hand. I opened my eyes and saw him directly in front of me staring at me.

I swan into his arms and kissed him like i've never kissed anyone before. We swam up to the top and gasped for air.

"I think just about downed there" I laughed to Louis playfully hitting him.

"I wouldn't of let you though." He winked. I laughed then connected our lips again. His hands held my face and I couldn't hear the gasps and whispers coming from everyone else, I was just concentrating on Louis.

"Good thing I pulled you in"





AHHH! So there's chapter 15 guys! I hope everyone likes it so far! Do you think that Mauve and Louis are adorable together or not? Let me know! #TeamMauis




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