I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


9. leaving and reuniting

"So your actully leaving?" My mom stuttered through tears as dad hugged her. "Yeah. Can you take me to the airport?" I choked out holding back tears. "Yeah.." Greg said sadly. I threw my bags into the back of the truck and got into the back. Everyone got in and we drove to the airport. We arrived and sat down in the waiting chairs after getting my ticket. "People boarding plane to London, United Kingdom first class please proceed to flight attendant" A person said over the speakers. Right then my mom burst into tears. "Aw mom" I said and hugged her. "Bye" They said once i hugged them all. "I'll visit real soon. I promise. Love you" I shouted after them and I disapeared around the corner in tears. I quickly wiped them off and handed the rather gorgeous flight attendant my bags and ticket. She took the bags and I boarded the plane. I dialed Simon Cowell's number and it rang. "Hello?" "Hey its Niall" "Oh hello" "I'm coming back okay? Can you get something sorted out so I can see them again?" "Yes. When will you arrive?" "In about.... 5 hours" "Okay I will defenitly get soimething arranged. You will be picked up as Jake Horan okay?" He said. "Okay. bye" I answered and hung up. I leaned my head on the window and watched us dispear into the clouds in happiness.


I got off the plane and grabbed my bags of the conveor and ran through the busy halls.I got onto the elevator and scanned the crowd below me for a person picking me up. I looked and then saw a man holding a sign up high that said 'JAKE HORAN' In bold letters. I approached him and shook his hand. I showed him my drivers license and he nodded his approvment. He lifted my bags up and we walked outside. A  SUV pulled up and we got in. "I will take you to Simon" He said gruffly. I nodded and bit my lip to hold back my grin. We stopped in front of a skyscraper. We got out of the car and I grabbed my bags and guy led me inside. We got into the elevator and 'What Makes You Beautiful' started playing. I smiled a wide grin and the elevator lurched to a stop. We walked out and saw Simon waiting. "SIMON!" I yelled and ran up to him and gave him a hearty embrace. "Niall!" He chuckled and hugged me back. I managed to hold back my tears, but once I looked at his face I had tears running down my flushed face. "I'm happy your back!" He smiled. "How is everything?" I choked out. "The rest of the guys are on break" He answered. "Fayanna and Felix?" I asked. "Oh they are the new body guards with Paul, but they still have to leave sometimes for agent jobs" He said. "Thats good" I smiled. "Whats happening for when I get to see them all again?" I asked. "We are going to the O2 arena, and they will be blindfolded in the front row seats. well except for Felix because he knows about all of this.. You will sing and then sometime during the song, they will take the blindfold off and voila!" He laughed. "Okay but I need to dye my hair blonde again" I said. "Okay.. wait.. where are your braces?" "Oh I got them off" I said. He nodded. "Okay lets go get you hair dyed." He said. We went into a room and after a few hours my hair was re-done. We drove to the O2 arena and I changed into a red polo shirt with white pants and converse. I grabbed the microphone and put it on the stand, center stage. I looked into the crowd and the boys and Fayanna were blindfolded and sitting down with frowns on their faces. "Why are we here?" Liam asked with a annoyed tone. I chuckled and felt tears springing into my eyes. "Yeah, I dont like this!" Fayanna yelled in frustration. Zayn put his arm around her and gave her a squeeze and kissed her lightly. "They must be dating" I thought. "LOUIS!" Harry yelled. "HARRY" Louis returneed. "When are these blinfolds being taken off?" Harry asked. "Yeah" Louis agreed with sass. "Just wait" Paul and Felix muttered then waved at me. I waved back and smiled. The music started and i began singing. "lets dance a style, lets dance in style, lets dance for a while, heaven can wait, were only watching the skyes, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, are you gunna drop tye bomb or not?" I sang. I saw them have a look of confusion come across their faces them they pulled off their blindfolds and gasped. "let us die young or let us live forever, we dont have the power but we never say never, sitting in a sandpit life is a short trip the musics for the sad men" I sang with a smile and winked at them. The music stopped and I looked at them with a grin. I saw them literally sobbing on the floor. I winced and jumped off the stage and crouched down. 'Hey guys" I said softly. "NIALL?!?" Liam yelled at me. "Yeah its me" I answered and pulled Liam into a hug. He sobbed into my shoulder and I began crying. "Get out of my way!" Harry yelled at Liam and shoved him off me and wrapped  his arms around me."Niall.. I'm so sorry about everything" He choked out. "I know" I answered and we crying into eachothers shoulders. I let go off him and stood up. Lous and ran into my arms and didnt say anything. He just hugged me. Loud sobs echoed throughout the arena and Zayn hugged me also. "Man, i missed you.. I thought you were dead?!?!" He shreiked with a little sob. "I wasn't.. well I was, but they saved me. I wanted to see if you guys would miss me.." I said in shame. "We did like fuck!" Fayanna spoke up. I laughed and hugged her. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek and buried her head into my neck. I smiled into her hair and she let go. "Why did you do that?" Harry asked. "I'm sorry.. I guess i just didnt feel apreciated and I wanted to see what would happen." I said with my head down. "It's fine because you better know that we wont leave your side anymore" Liam laughed. Everyone else laughed and nodded. I laughed and wiped a tear off my face. "Ready to go on tour again?" I asked with a wink. "Hell yeah!" Louis screamed and ran backstage. We all laughed and walked after him.



Well sorry I havnt updated for a while!! I got super busy! well i hope you all liked it! If you want, just comment your ideas dor the next chapter and I might use it if i like it!!:) And just so everyone knows, I will be more In Fayanna's pov for the next few chapters! There will also be a contest!! Yeah! Thats right a contest!!:) Just comment your appearance, personallity, hobbys and which boy you want to date! Not Zayn though okay! haha.. You will also be Fayanna's bestfriend! Thank you!<3


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