I kidnapped 1D *COMPLETED*

Fayanna Reid is an undercover agent, but is only 18. When her greatest nemesis Garret Jones has a new evil plan to capture world wide famous boy band One Direction, It is up to Fayanna to kidnap One Direction to keep them safe from the striking, beautiful, hungry for death, Garret Jones. Can Fayanna keep herself from falling head-over-heels in love?
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


10. Dance Auditions and Ed


"Guys the dance auditions are right now! Hurry up and get your lazy asses to the studio downstairs" I ordered. "But we dont wanna" Niall moaned crawling out of bed. "Yes you do. Freshen up and lets go!" I said throwing them all on the floor.

"FINE!" Liam yelled and ran into the bathroom. "Hey! I called dibs on the bathroom first last night!" Louis protested, banging on the door. "HAHA" I heard Liam from the bathroom.

 Harry stripped down and I closed my eyes and groaned. "Aw Harry seriously!" I yelled with my eyes scrunched closed. "Yup" He replied and finished changing.

"Zayn....ZAYN" I yelled into his ear. He jumped up and looked around groggily. "I'm going" He said. About 15 minutes later, I managed to get them into the elevator, fully clothed and they looked decent.

 "Harry You look like a mess. All of those girls arn't going to be attracted to you now" I smirked. "WHAT! THERE IS GOING TO BE GIRLS??!?!?" He screamed. I nodded deviously. "SHIIIIIT" He yelled and started smoothing his hair out.

 Zayn was spraying hairspray all over his hair and winked at me. I giggled and pecked his lips. "EWWWWWW" Louis screamed. I laughed and patted Louis shoulder. We walked into the dance studio and took a seat on the judge chairs. I sat beside the table to watch the boys while Paul and Felix took care of the acts.

The first girl walked in and gave us a sweet smile. "Hello Love!" Louis started. "Hi I'm Mckenna Anderson" The pretty blonde smiled. "Nice to meet you! You can begin" Liam smiled back. She cued the music with her back to us. 'One Way Or Another' blasted through the speakers and she began with a basic finger snapping to the beat and swaying her hips in beat also. She turned around once Harry began singing and danced. She was brilliant! She finished and flashed us a cheeky grin. "Thanks" Harry said in awe. "No problem!" She chuckled and walked off the stage.

                                                             ***AFTER AUDITIONS***

"Okay I think we all know which two people we chose are..." I said. "You bet we do!" Harry grinned. "Yes and its Mckenna Anderson and Shianne Towes, correct?" I asked.

"Yes" Liam said. Okay the dance instructors are going to contact them" Felix said. "Okidokieeey" Louis squealed. We all laughed and looked at the clock. "Lunch time! Where to boys?" I asked. Niall opened his mouth to say something, but closed it shut and bit his lip.

"Well I was thinking....How about Nando's?" Zayn said grinning at Niall. Niall's eyes perked up and he smiled. "Well lets go!" I said and we all got into the SUV.

I entwined my fingers with Zayn's and kissed him lightly. He pushed himself against me playing with the bottom of my American flag tank top. I smiled into the kiss and bit his lip.

"EWWW! THEIR'S OTHER PEOPLE IN HERE TOO SICKO'S!" Louis screamed at the top of his lungs. We ignored him and continued on. "HEY! BREAK IT UP, BREAK IT UP" He screamed and jumped into the backseat, pulling us apart and planting himself right inbetween us.

"Hey!" We protested. He smiled smuggly at us. "Fuck you, you little motherfucker" I said under my breath. A hurt look spreaded across his face and he looked down at his hands on his lap. "Shit, did you hear me?" I asked. Nothing. I'm so sorry!" I tried. Nothing. "Look at me!" Still Nothing. "I didn't mean it!" I pouted. Not even a glance. I pulled his head up and made him look at me. "Whaaaaat" He asked, clearly annoyed. "I. Am. Sorry" I said. "Okay!" He smiled and kissed my cheek then hopped into the frontseat.

"Ugh" I sighed. Harry turned the radio volume up and the song, 'Heres To Never Growing Up' by Avril Lavinge blasted through the speakers. "I LOVE THIS SONG!" I screamed. "SHE IS MY IDOL!" I fangirled.

"Hey what about me?!?" Zayn asked pretending to be hurt. "Your my boyfriend. Not my Idol" I retorted and started doing my little dance to the song while singing as loud as I could.

Laughter erupted in the SUV and Zayn had his mouth open to say something, but slowly closed it in confusion and tilted his head. I giggled and continued on with my routine.

***2 weeks later***

*Garret Jones pov*

"Come on guys. We have to go bomb the tourbus so I can get my revenge on little miss Fayanna and those idiotic boys" I said to Benjamin and Grover.

"Okay boss! Whats the plan?" Grover asked excitedly. "Well they are going on the North American leg of the tour right?" I started. "Yes!" Benjamin smiled, wiggling his eyebrows. "Well we will follow the tour bus and in the middle of the night, we put the bombs in the storage unit underneath the bus and put a timer on it. How about a 10 minute timer. We run as far away as possible and them BOOM! The bus blows up and we live happily ever after." I finished.

 "Sounds good! Want me to order it?" Grover asked. "No... We have extra's in the back." I said. "Let's put 3 in okay?" I added. They nodded and walked off. I walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed. I looked at the picture of me and my boyfriend, Ed Sheeran at Nigaria Falls kissing.

 I took my phone out and dialed his number. "Ello?" His voice rang through. God I missed him. "Hey babe! Its Garret!" I said happily and bit my lip.

"Hey love! How are you?" He asked. "I'm doing pretty good! Yourself?" "I am actully really happy right now" He said.

"Oh? Why?" I asked and a felt a rush of worry come across me. "Because I am standing outside of your door watching you" I heard him laugh.

"What?" I asked. "Look out your window" I glanced out and saw him standing smiling at me. I hung up on the phone and waved at him.

He waved back and I gave him the I'll-Be-One-Second hand motion. I quikly threw on a pink 'Bonne Chance Garden Party Dress' with a pair of white TOMS. I put on a little mascara and pink lipgloss and put my hair in a ponytail.

 I ran down the stairs and opened the door and saw Ed. I jumped into his arms and let out a little gasp then I started sobbing. "Baby, Don't cry! It's just Ed" He laughed.

 I giggled and kissed him. "I missed you." I breathed. "Not as much as me" He chuckled. "Wanna bet?" I giggled. "Nahhh" He laughed and grabbed my hand and we walked inside.


Okay well there's chapter 10! Sorry I havn't updated. I got grounded and my comnputer broke! So sorry! I hope you all liked it! I plan on there being loads of drama so get ready!


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