Love Can't Last Forever

A series of heart broken men and women write letters to a mysterious women, with magical powers.


1. Prolouge

    As she looked through her overflowing files, she was happy to see all of those letters, they had sent to her.
      She was a mysterious, old women.  Her long, gray hair was seen by no one.  Her light blue eyes would be forever hidden, and her beautiful smile would never be shown.  
      Although her figure was unknown to all but you,  she was a legend throughout the town.  All those heartbroken souls, would send her letters.  Hoping, she will help.  Many men and women, throughout the years, had told her of the people they lost, those who were once trusted and who never were.  They would tell her of the good times, but also the bad.  They would tell her why they wish to die and why they stay alive.  
      The women would except any letter.  She only had, one rule,

     'You must never ask.  You may only tell.'




A Collection Of Letters, To The Peace Keeper, One To The Never Be Questioned.


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