Love Can't Last Forever

A series of heart broken men and women write letters to a mysterious women, with magical powers.


2. Emily Night, 12 October 1955

                                                                                                                                                             October 12 1955


Dear PK,
     I am writting to you, to tell you, of my story.  What has happened.  It is very hard for me to write, my hand is shaking.  The thoughts swirling around my head, of what happened, yesterday and many yesterdays before.  Please, bare with me if any ink is smudged with tear stains.  But, I needed to tell someone.
     It all started in July of last year.  I met him.  His beautiful, hazel hair, blue eyes, he was the love of my life.  I remember when we first met.  He looked at me, with passionate eyes and a wonderful smile appeared on his face.  Suddenly, the whole world faded, until it was only him, and I.  And he walked over to me and said, three, simple word,
     'Have we met?' This, started it all.  
      Six beautiful months of handholding, late nights and many laughs went by, I was head over heals in love.  I could of sworn he was the one for me.  I could have bet my life he would be beside me forever.  We'd get married, have five kids and be happy, together.  He would be forever near.  But, sadly, he wasn't.   
         He grew pale and weak.  He told me he was fine.  We both knew he was lying.  We both knew it wouldn't be long.  
      He stopped eating, but the smile was still on his face.  He stopped drinking, but the smile remained.  He stopped breathing, the smile stayed.
         It remained as the men came and picked him up, I'm sure, he's still smiling, underneath St. George's graveyard.  I hope he is.  It guilts me that I didn't always smile back.  It guilts me everyday, more and more.  I cry myself to sleep and lately, I even wake up with tear still pouring down my face.  He's gone forever, unless, he's not.
        I saw him, one tuesday night.  He smiled at me and whispered in my ear.  He told hope's always next to me, I just need to grab it.  Then, he left, quicker than he died.
                                                 I can't write anymore, I can't do it,
                                                                   Emily Night



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